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Jorge Ramos is rejected by Nayib Bukele for a third party in contention (VIDEO)

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  • Nayib Bukele, denies interview to journalist Jorge Ramos, from Univision
  • Instead, the president of El Salvador gave it to Tucker Carlson of Fox News.
  • The American communicator is related to former President Donald Trump

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, denies interview with journalist Jorge Ramos, from Univision and gave it to Tucker Carlson, from Fox News and related to former president of the United States, Donald Trump, according to information provided by the news portal of The Press.

The controversy It happened because precisely both journalists have already had their differences and in full live broadcasts that have exposed the animosity that exists between the two communication scientists.


Tucker carlson
Photo Montage: Mezcalent / AP

The American journalist Tucker Carlson, from the Fox News network, ‘cornered’ the Univision journalist in the middle of the live broadcast with a question: “How many of these migrants will you take into your home and support once they arrive in the United States). ? ”

“To which the Mexican journalist responded hesitantly:” I think it’s a great answer and it’s precisely the kind of question that people like you ask when they don’t want to realize that this doesn’t have to do with individuals, but with nations. “


Tucker carlson
Image taken from Twitter @jorgeramosnews

But what happened between Jorge Ramos and Nayib Bukele? It all started when apparently the Univision journalist asked him for an alleged interview, which the president of El Salvador himself rejected with this message: “Tell a certain Jorge, who was requesting an interview, that I already gave it to @TuckerCarlson.”

Given this, the rejected journalist clarified with a forceful message: “President @nayibbukele You and I already had an interview. My proposal for another conversation still stands. It is your decision. I include the league we are talking about… ”.


Donald trump
Image taken from AP

After it was revealed that Jorge Ramos was rejected by the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, it was confirmed that everything was due to the fact that he preferred to give the interview to journalist Tucker Carlson, with whom he had already had an altercation.

The American communicator is pointed out as clearly related to the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, which perhaps influenced the decision of the Central American president, however, the disdain was very evident towards Ramos.


Donald trump
Image taken from AP

According to La Prensa, some media in El Salvador consider that the repudiation of Jorge Ramos by Nayib Bukele is due to the alleged questions that the journalist asked Vice President Félix Ulloa.

And it is that Ramos would have questioned the official when asking for explanations about the president’s irruption to the legislative headquarters, with the help of the militia in February of last year since he considers that Bukele stands out for his “authoritarianism.”


Tucker carlson
Image taken from Twitter @nayibbukele

After rejecting the interview with Jorge Ramos, Nayib Bukele sat down with Tucker Carlson, akin to Donald Trump and they talked about the crisis that currently exists at the border with the arrival of thousands of migrants and for which Republicans point to Joe Biden as responsable.

In a textual way, the president said to the Fox News chain: “The main reasons for migration are insecurity and lack of economic opportunities. Migration will only decrease if we solve those two things ”.


Jorge Ramos Nayib Bukele
Image taken from Shutterstock

Another problem that was discussed in the interview, which could have been for Jorge Ramos, was about the insecurity that the country led by Nayib Bukele is experiencing, since one of the most dangerous gangs in the world, the Mara Salvatrucha, is concentrated there.

Only this group, together with another known as Barrio 18, have been attributed most of the homicides in the country and it is that they have more than 60 thousand members who operate in 600 cells throughout the national territory and in some way They cause the displacement of the inhabitants to other parts of the world.


Jorge Ramos Nayib Bukele
Image taken from Shutterstock

After denying the interview to Jorge Ramos and giving it to Tucker Carlson, President Nayib Bukele gave one of the answers to solve the migration of Salvadorans to the United States, due to insecurity in his country.

In a verbatim way, he said: “If in El Salvador we give them more opportunities and work, people will not have to leave… We have not yet made a 180-degree change in the country. But if you look at the figures from two years ago, you definitely see that immigration has decreased significantly. “


Donald trump
Image taken from Youtube Jota DBS

However, the disdain that Jorge Ramos had of Nayib Bukele, for replacing him with Tucker Carlson, only relived what both experienced in the past when Ramos was in a live link with Carlson from Huixtla, in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, from where He was following the migrant caravan of Hondurans who tried to reach the US border to request asylum.

“What we must understand is that they are refugees. I am not a threat to the United States … I know that on Fox News, “Ramos tried to say, but Carlson insisted again:” No, but how many? Before you charge against Fox … it’s a simple question … How many are you going to host? ”. To see the video click here.


Jorge Ramos Nayib Bukele
Image taken from Youtube Jota DBS

Faced with this, Jorge Ramos limited himself to saying: “They are not a threat to the US, but they carry a message of love and do you know what they say to the US?, ‘Please help us; They are the only ones who can help us. ‘

“How many migrants are you going to take personally responsible for? How many go home with you in Miami at the end of the day. Please be specific, ”Tucker Carlson insisted during the live television broadcast.


Donald trump
Image taken from Instagram @jorgeramosnews

And Ramos once again replied: “Again I tell you that I think it has nothing to do with individuals. It has nothing to do with me. I would like to help all of them, but now there are about 7,000 people and about 2,500 children, it is impossible for an individual to face such a crisis ”.

The reactions to the clash between journalists Jorge Ramos and Tucker Carlson did not wait on Facebook, where the video of the moment was shared and the Mexican was very badly off in the comments.


Tucker carlson
Image taken from Instagram @jorgeramosnews

“This man is a hypocritical enemy of the United States! As such it should be treated! Denatured and deported! ”Wrote a user about Jorge Ramos, who months later was denied an interview with Nayib Bukele.

“Jorge Ramos-the narcissist, why doesn’t he go to Mexico. Don’t be a hypocrite, you came to the USA because in Mexico you couldn’t do what you do here. Insult and talk about the president’s private life ”, someone else agreed about the journalist who was denied the interview.

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