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Jorge Ramos faces López Obrador in ‘La Mañanera’ (VIDEO)

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Jorge Ramos faces AMLO (PHOTOS: Mezcalent)
  • Jorge Ramos faces López Obrador.
  • López Obrador admits homicide record.
  • Ramos confronts shocking figures.

In a tense encounter during the morning conference, Mexican-American journalist Jorge Ramos confronted Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

This confrontation was regarding the alarming number of homicides in the country.

López Obrador admitted that his government will end in October with the highest number of murders in history.

However, he justified the situation by blaming previous administrations, according to ‘EFE’ reports.

Challenge of Violence in Mexico

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

Ramos did not leave aside the violence against journalists and women in Mexico: «Mexico, you know, is one of the most dangerous countries to practice journalism,» he mentioned.

«President, you are going to leave a country mired in violence (…) Since you came to power there have been more than 166,000 deaths, 4,892 femicides, 43 journalists,» Ramos mentioned.

«From your data, in 2023, there were 29,675 deaths, it is a true tragedy Mr. President, you know that this worries Mexicans, many do not feel safe,» said the journalist.

On the other hand, he said that the president ‘Does not want to accept the reality of violence in the country’, in addition to mentioning: «He is not going to say that it is a peaceful country, it is very violent,» he asserted.

Strategy and Justification of López Obrador

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Jorge Ramos faces López Obrador PHOTO: Mezcalent

Jorge Ramos also explained: «This is a reality Mr. President, the data is the data, and if we compare your government with others, the number of deaths is much higher.»

«More than with Peña Nieto, more than with Felipe Calderón. The question is whether he is willing to recognize with reality that his strategy, far from bringing more peace, attracts more violence,» he said.

«That it has failed, ‘hugs, not bullets’, what would you recommend to the next president to try to solve a problem that unfortunately has not been able to solve,» he concluded.

The response that the president of Mexico to Ramos to the data he threw on the table left many in a great debate on social media, this is what he said.

They put the cards on the table

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PHOTO: MundoNOW Archive

AMLO pointed out that after a start with 36,685 cases in 2018, the figure remained practically the same for two years: «I respect your point of view, but I do not share it.»

«A true tragedy, with all due respect, is what happens where you live, in the United States, a tragedy is that 100,000 people lose their lives due to Fentanyl consumption,» said AMLO.

«That is your vision, and it is the vision of our opponents, and I respect it (…) It is where there is growth, there is employment, there is well-being,» the president responded in the midst of the conflict.

«You tell me: if you accumulate the figures, it is the one with the most deaths, well yes. You just have to take into account where we got it (the level of homicides),” he stated.

Different perceptions

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

The confrontation between Ramos and López Obrador reflects the divided opinions of citizens on social media.

Comments such as: «But Ramos is right that these figures cannot be ‘flaunted as a success’,» show society’s concern.

«Here is a clear example of how López’s paid propagandists divert attention, what happened in Mexico is a tragedy,» said another Internet user through ‘X’, formerly Twitter.

The perception that the president is evading responsibility and minimizing the seriousness of the situation contributes to skepticism about the effectiveness of the measures implemented.

Public opinion about the confrontation

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Jorge Ramos faces López Obrador PHOTO: Getty Images

Other users commented: «He always looks for ways to go off on a tangent (AMLO), what if Loret, what if the deaths in the US, he will never admit that he failed in security.»

«Here is a clear example of how the propagandists paid by López divert attention, what happened in Mexico is a tragedy», «Kicking Jorge “Derechitas” Ramos in the ocean.»

«An American wants to come and talk about Mexico being a violent country where the daily news of their country is crazy people who go to murder people in schools,» they said.

Amid the controversy, López Obrador rejected the characterization that having an average of 81 murders a day is «a tragedy.»

A conversation that divides opinions

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PHOTO Mezcalent

In conclusion, the confrontation between Jorge Ramos and Andrés Manuel López Obrador in ‘La Mañanera’ highlights the growing concerns about violence in Mexico.

As well as the public perception of the government’s response to this crisis.

Homicide figures and safety for journalists and women are crucial issues that require serious attention and concrete actions.

All in order to restore peace and security in the country, a confrontation that undoubtedly left many dividing opinions. (SEE THE VIDEO BY CLICKING HERE)

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