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Jorge Ramos and Lili Estefan ‘at risk’ of leaving Univision

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  • There’s word that Jorge Ramos and Lili Estefan could leave the television station.
  • This would be the powerful reason behind it.
  • Will Univisión end as we know it?

Are Jorge Ramos and Lili Estefan leaving Univisión? The Hispanic television station has been on everyone’s lips lately due to the growing rumors that Raúl “El Gordo” de Molina could leave the ranks of the company to join its main competition in the United States, Telemundo.

Raúl de Molina has been away from his gossip show, which gives way to more speculation. People have been wondering whether he is on vacation or has tested positive for COVID-19, but only he and his family know the answer to that. Meanwhile the public is expressing shock on social media and now people are getting suspicious about Jorge Ramos and Lili Estefan.

The powerful reason why Jorge Ramos and Lili Estefan may be at “risk” of leaving Univisión

Will Jorge Ramos leave Univision?
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Journalist Javier Ceriani’s program Gossip No Like revealed that due to the ‘relationship’ between Univisión and Televisa, three great Hispanic television personalities in the United States could be at risk of leaving the ranks of the network.

According to Ceriani, Jorge Ramos, Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina have the highest salaries at the television network. “Three salaries that could generate jobs for thousands of Mexicans,” said the Argentine, who later explained in depth the “powerful” reason why these favorites could leave Univision.

Is this the end for Jorge Ramos and Lili Estefan?

Will it be the end for Jorge Ramos and Lili Estefan?

According to Javier Ceriani, the recent merger between Televisa and Univisión could be the most powerful reason. “Televisa is coming in and it doesn’t want them,” said the Hispanic presenter. “El Gordo knows that Televisa doesn’t want him,” he added, later delving into the “disappearance” of Raúl de Molina from his iconic program.

It should be noted that Televisa and Univision completed their merger process on Monday, January 31. Now it is a giant in the Spanish-language media sector, reaching 100 million Spanish-speakers, according to Agencia Efe. Is this the end for the big names of television stations?

This is what “El Gordo” would do if he left Univisión

They reveal what they would do "Fat" if you leave Univision
Lili Estefan, partner of Raúl De Molina made tremendous statements (IG)

In addition, Ceriani said that Raúl de Molina was “flirting” with Telemundo. “Grupo Televisa and Univision Holdings announced this Monday the completion of the merger between the content and media production assets of Televisa and Univision. The new company is called TelevisaUnivision,” reported Televisa in a press release.

The Mexican company reported that, with this merger, the world’s largest Spanish-language content library will be created, with 300,000 hours of content and a broad portfolio of products. One example is the rights to broadcast sports. But what will happen to Jorge Ramos and Lili Estefan?

What about Jorge Ramos?

"She held my hand and helped me when I started": Jorge Ramos
instagram photo

Given the rumors, it is important to remember that recently there have been several ‘changes’ at the Hispanic television station. It was not long ago that host Jorge Ramos announced the departure of Univisión personality, Teresa Rodriguez. “This was her last newscast on Univision,” Ramos said in an emotional message on Instagram.

“In 1982, she was the first woman in a national news program in the US. She is a legend and a pioneer. She gave me a hand and helped me out when I started 35 years ago. Today I had to accompany her to say goodbye (or rather, see you soon),” said the Hispanic host who, according to rumors, could have the same ending.

What about Lili Estefan?

Well, the presenter of El Gordo y la Flaca has had to deal with ‘scandals’ after the rumors about the disappearance of Raúl de Molina. The journalist has contradicted herself on several occasions when she was trying to explain what was happening with her co-host on the successful Univisión program.

According to Ceriani, she first said that “El Gordo” had a day off, then she didn’t talk about it. As the days went by, and with everyone’s constant pressure, she said again that Raúl de Molina was on vacation, something that the Univisión host has also confirmed, but that Ceriani does not believe.

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