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Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo breaks the silence after Hurricane Otis

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Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, Floods, Mexico, Help, News
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo (Photo: Mezcalent/AP)
  • Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo asks for help due to Hurricane Otis
  • Severe disasters reported in Acapulco, Guerrero
  • There are many famous people affected by destruction

Hurricane Otis has left a trail of destruction as it passes along the Mexican Pacific coast, this Wednesday, October 25.

It has been reported as one of the most devastating Category 5 hurricanes to have made landfall in the history of Mexico.

It is worth mentioning that this natural phenomenon surpasses in intensity the hurricanes Patricia and Paulina, which hit the region in previous years.

Several well-known faces from Mexican showbiz have been affected by Otis’ fury, as they own properties in Acapulco, Guerrero.

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo breaks the silence

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, Huracán Otis, comedian, celebrities, MundoNOW
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, affected by Hurricane Otis / PHOTO: Mezcalent

These are personalities such as Verónica Castro, María Antonieta de las Nieves, Sylvia Pasquel, Angélica María, Luis Miguel, Roberto Palazuelos and Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

Andrea Legarreta’s father, the family of Roberto Tello ‘El Coreano’ and Margarita Portillo, widow of Andrés García, are among the victims, according to TVNotas.

It was the renowned Mexican comedian Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo who, through his Instagram account, raised his voice to request help on behalf of all the affected victims.

Ortiz de Pinedo expressed his concern and sadness about the havoc caused on the coast of Guerrero, highlighting that Otis «has devastated the town.»

Ask for help for those affected by Hurricane Otis

Comedian, Mexican actor, affected, Mexico, MundoNOW
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, affected by Hurricane Otis/ PHOTO: Mezcalent

In addition, he highlighted the solidarity that has emerged throughout Mexico, with the opening of multiple help centers throughout the country.

«Family, Otis made landfall this morning in the port of Acapulco, unfortunately this hurricane has caused severe damage as it passed along the coast of Guerrero,» says the actor.

«Our brothers from Guerrero need our help, various collection centers have been opened throughout the Mexican Republic,» he added.

Then he ends by saying that: «Let’s show that together we can raise our beloved port again,» his publication reads.

They question the comedian

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, hurricane, Otis, Acapulco, MundoNOW
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, affected by Hurricane Otis/ PHOTO: Mezcalent

Immediately, some of the Mexican comedian’s followers commented on the publication about helping those affected by Hurricane Otis.

«Prayers for our brothers from Guerrero, let’s help, there are more of us who are good,» said a user in the publication of the protagonist of «Una Familia de Diez.»

«You would earn much more by putting yourself out of your pocket so your fans and the other public see that you are collaborating,» commented another Internet user.

«How difficult it is to be far away and not be able to help you physically like this, but offering my prayers to all of you.» “Courage and a lot of determination, my Mexico,” were some comments.

The Fury of Otis in Guerrero

Affected, Mexico, fallen tree, blocked roads, celebrities, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Associated Press

The entry of the hurricane into the tourist port of Acapulco caused flooding and the collapse of numerous pieces of mountain that blocked the main accesses to the city.

Otis grew to devastating levels as quickly as it then dissolved Wednesday afternoon in the mountains of the Mexican interior.

For their part, experts already consider it the strongest storm in history to make landfall on the east coast of the Pacific.

Military engineers and state officials worked during the day to open a land route for emergency teams, which was achieved in the afternoon.

AMLO gives report

Hurricane, Otis, Mexico, Guerrero, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Large buildings had walls and roofs partially or completely torn off and glass windows had disappeared.

Dislodged solar panels, cars and debris littered the lobby of a severely damaged hotel, according to The Associated Press.

The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who was traveling in the afternoon to Guerrero, reported that the hurricane “hit very hard” in the regions of Costa Grande, Acapulco and Técpan.

In the morning he said there were no reports of deaths, but admitted that communications had been “completely” lost. CLICK TO SEE THE VIDEO.

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