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Chronicle: Latino who threatened his wife leads police on a chase in Texas

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Crónica Latino amenazado mujer
  • Latino who threatened his wife sparks police chase.
  • He was arrested a half an hour later in Kemp, Texas
  • Jorge Luis Santoyo thought he could escape.

On Thursday April 4, Jorge Luis Santoyo, 32, left his apartment in Kemp, Texas. He started his truck and secured his trailer well before driving off to his job. It seemed that it would be a normal day like any other, but the truth is that it would be completely different. At least for poor Jorge, who got a tremendous surprise.

Just as he was about to leave, a City of Kemp patrol car entered his neighborhood. The police noticed that the license plate of his white GMC truck had a small problem. The officer discovered that the owner of the vehicle had an outstanding arrest warrant, so he decided to investigate.

Jorge Luis Santoyo tried to hide in his vehicle

Chronicle Latino threatened woman
Photo: Kaufman County Detention Center

When the officer approached the driver, he quickly realized that he was wanted for threatening his wife. He then kindly asked him to get out of his car to talk about it. Santoyo was certain that he would end up in jail, and refused to open the door.

The officer then called for backup. Jorge saw him talking on the radio and figured that he would momentarily be surrounded by policemen, so he backed up and sped off.

A multi-county chase broke out

Chronicle Latino threatened woman
Kemp City Police Department

The officer wasn’t about to let the suspect get away so he immediately got back in his squad car, turned on his siren and emergency lights, and went after him. That cat and mouse chase lasted more than 30 minutes and included multiple streets and highways in at least three towns.

By then a dozen more units had joined the chase, so Jorge Luis Santoyo had no chance. Still, he kept trying to get away because he didn’t want to go to jail. I don’t know how well he knew the area, but I do know that he managed to avoid being caught.

Leads flees from police

Chronicle Latino threatened woman
Kemp City Police Department

But suddenly, Jorge Luis slowed down. Police thought he would give up easily but once again, the man surprised them. He entered a residential complex in Kaufman County where he finally stopped and ran inside a house.

The police surrounded him and then, with the help of a couple of negotiators, they managed to convince him to come out and turn himself in. He was arrested on the spot and charged with not only having an outstanding warrant for misdemeanor domestic violence, but also attempting to evade arrest, among other more serious charges. What a legal mess he got into. Thanks for reading my chronicle today on MundoNOW. Until next time.

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