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Exclusive: Jorge Lozano H. unveils a dating app and gives us love advice along the way! (VIDEO)

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  • Jorge Lozano H. has an excellent option for people looking for love!
  • The Mexican host talks about the Chispa dating app.
  • The love expert gives us some advice for getting over a bad breakup.

Jorge Lozano H. is perhaps the most multifaceted person we have ever met and his advice on love has helped numerous people overcome heartbreak and feel more empowered along the way.

The speaker, author, and radio and television presenter talked to us about a dating app called Chispa. It is the #1 dating app for Latinos in the US. Jorge Lozano gave MundoNow all the details and we took the opportunity to ask him for some love advice too!

What is Chispa and why is it a good option for singles?

PHOTO: Exclusive MundoNOW

Jorge Lozano H. decided to join forces with the Chispa app, which is perfect for finding a Latino partner close to where you live. In addition to this, the Mexican speaker and relationship expert tells us about its benefits.

“So many people like Shakira who were cheated on, had a bad love affair, or so many people who have been single for many years, there you are trying and you can’t find a good prospect. I am going to recommend Chispa, this app is for singles, it’s the most popular in the US and its main characteristic is that it is made by Latinos and for Latinos,” reveals Jorge Lozano H.

What does Jorge Lozano think about the phrase: One nail drives out another?

PHOTO: Instagram

Taking advantage of the fact that we were chatting about taking a chance at love after heartbreak, we asked Jorge Lozano about the popular saying: One nail drives out another: “It is often thought that when a woman jumps from one relationship to another it is bad, but if a man does it, it’s fine, what do you think of this?

Jorge replied: “It seems to me that women are given bad labels when they have a bad breakup. I always tell women: ‘If you went through a divorce, you can’t be labeled ‘divorced’. It’s over, it already happened to you, from today on you’re a desirable single woman. For a good love, you have to be in mourning, 28 days of mourning, but for a bad love, mourning, you don’t spare me a minute.»

The romance expert tells us if he’s ever had his heart broken

Exclusive Jorge Lozano H
PHOTO: Exclusive MundoNOW

M: «You are a relationship expert, you help many people with broken hearts, but I want to know if there is a Jorge Lozano who has had his heart broken at some point.» He made an unprecedented revelation about his life and that no one imagined.

J: What a good question dear! I’m going to confess one thing to you, when I was little, I was the ugliest kid in school. I was tiny, I had big, crooked teeth and they called me all kinds of nicknames. For me, the idea of going up to a girl and asking for her number was almost unthinkable. In my adolescence, my heart was broken a thousand times.”

How can you leave someone who tries to make you stay? Jorge Lozano H. has the solution

Exclusive Jorge Lozano H
PHOTO: Instagram

Jorge not only suggested that we use the Chispa app, which is the dating app made by Latinos for Latinos to find love, he also told us how to get out of a toxic relationship: «There are many people who look for an excuse to keep you from leaving them. I call those people Leech Loves,» the relationship expert began.

“They don’t leave, they keep their foot in the door and don’t let anyone else in. If a love costs you your peace, it is too expensive. You must let it go, leave it even if it hurts. There are exes who are like a wisdom tooth, taking it out will hurt you, but leaving it inside will ruin you for life,» Jorge Lozano H. told MundoNow.

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