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After leaving Telemundo, Jorge Bernal has a new Univision show on ViX

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  • Jorge Bernal has a new Univision show on ViX.
  • Did he betray Telemundo?
  • He’s joined by Karina Banda and Clarissa Molina.

Jorge Bernal will return to television after Suelta la Sopa was canceled and he was forced to leave Telemundo.

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Jorge Bernal returned to the small screen on Thursday, which will undoubtedly thrill his fans, who were eager to see him on TV again.

His return comes nine months after there was speculation about the network that would give him another chance.

Jorge Bernal will return on the ViX streaming platform, not on traditional broadcast television.

He will host an entertainment program titled Dímelo Ya, which will air every Thursday.

Karina Banda and Clarissa Molina will join him on Dimelo Ya

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Bernal will be competing for ratings with no less than the Billboard Latin Music Awards red carpet.

It is truly an impressive litmus test for his new show.

Dimelo Ya, which will air every Thursday at 7 ET, will not only feature the former Telemundo host.

Karina Banda and Clarissa Molina, two of Univision’s favorite faces, will bring their own style to the show.

A stellar comeback

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This new adventure comes into Jorge Bernal’s life almost two years after the end of Suelta la Sopa and just over a year after his departure from Telemundo.

In an interview with People en Español, on the occasion of the premiere of the show, the hosts said that they will cover a wide variety of topics.

They stated that the show will include various sections to satisfy all types of audiences.

“It is designed for those people who want to see quick and informative content,” said Clarissa Molina.

They had everything planned

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PHOTO: Mezcalo

Although the show will premiere this Thursday, the pilot was actually recorded at the beginning of the year.

According to journalist Mandy Fridmann, last January there was already talk that Jorge Bernal was working on a new project at ViX.

In the conversation that Jorge Bernal had with People en Español, the presenter explained that he didn’t meet his new colleagues until April of this year.

They are delighted to work with him, not only because of his talent, but also because of his charisma, professionalism and creativity.

What has it been like to work for Univision?

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PHOTO: Mezcalo

Jorge described what it has been like working with a new network. He had never set foot in Univsion. «Once in ’96 I made a little note for Control and I’m happy.»

«I am happy and grateful to Clari, Karina, to the fans and with Univision, who has chosen me to be part of their family,» he said.

In addition to appearing on the new ViX show, both Clarissa Molina and Karina Banda will continue to be involved in other Univision projects.

The Dominican host will continue to appear on El Gordo y La Flaca, while Carlos Ponce’s wife will co-host the reality show Hotel VIP.

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