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Jomari Goyso asks Pamela Silva about the father of her child (VIDEO)

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  • Jomari Goyso asks Pamela Silva a controversial question.
  • The awkward moment occurred while Jacky Bracamontes was also with them.
  • The fashionista did not hesitate to ask about the father of Pamela Silva’s baby.

Many months have passed since Pamela Silva became the mother of her tender and beautiful baby Ford, but questions about who the father of the little one is have always haunted her. Just remember the scandal when she was hiding the pregnancy while separated from her husband. It was said that she had cheated on him and that he was not the father of the baby … now Jomari Goyso asks her.

Jomari Goyso has not only interviewed Francisca Lachapel and Jacky Bracamontes, but now he has many questions for Pamela Silva. He asks these ladies about their personal lives, such as the Despierta América host’s weight-loss, the former beauty queen’s alleged lawsuit with Elizabeth Gutiérrez and now the father of the Primer Impacto host’s son.

Jomari Goyso puts Pamela Silva on the spot

Jomari Goyso faces Pamela Silva
Instagram: Chamonix

Univision’s expert on beauty and fashion, Jomari Goyso, made a live broadcast with his friends Pamela Silva and Jacky Bracamontes, with whom he undoubtedly gets along wonderfully. However, they never expected that the fashionista would put them on the spot asking about “controversial” topics.

While Jacky Bracamontes was asked about his bickering war with William Levy’s wife, due to his alleged infidelity with her when they were the stars of Sortilegio, Pamela Silva was asked why she hid the identity of her baby’s father.

Pamela Silva is questioned about her baby’s father

Pamela Silva

While Jacky Bracamontes did not say much about Elizabeth Gutiérrez and her controversial statements defending her love for William Levy because, in Mexico, journalists questioned her on the subject. However, Pamela Silva had no choice but to respond.

In a video, where the three of them are chatting quietly about various topics in the middle of the night, there was a moment when Jomari Goyso could not hide his curiosity. He does know who the father of Pamela Silva’s son is and he decided to make it public for all viewers.

Who is the father of Pamela Silva’s baby?

Pamela Silva's Baby

“Let’s see, what are you going to ask me?” Pamela Silva challenged Jomari Goyso. Jacky Bracamontes said that ‘they got old gossip out of her,’ alluding to William Levy’s alleged infidelity with her — which naturally he has denied whenever the topic comes up.

“So are you single or not single?” Jomari Goyso is heard saying and the Primer Impacto presenter responded: “You always say that I am single…” “And people keep saying that you are single…,” Goyso turns around… but the topic had barely started.

Does Pamela Silva satisfy everyone’s curiosity?

Jomari Goyso sends a message to Pamela Silva
Instagram: People in Spanish

“I don’t know why people say that…” says Pamela Silva, to which Jomari Goyso replies, “But you don’t answer, that’s why people are left with doubts….,” the Spaniard said without shame…. “I’m happy,” is what the host of Primer Impacto responds, laughing along with her two friends.

“Why have we never seen the father of the child?” Pamela Silva was asked. The subject that everyone has been waiting for since her controversial separation from her husband occurred while she was pregnant a year and a half ago… But the brunette smiled and did not hesitate to answer.

“You know him,” said the Primer Impacto host to Jomari Goyso

The father of Pamela Silva's son


“My son’s father?” says Pamela Silva “But you know him, what’s interesting about him, tell why we haven’t seen him.” The Spaniard had no choice but to explain the reasons why Pamela Silva has chosen not to make her son’s father public.

“It is not bad. He is a person who is not public,” Jomari Goyso comes to Pamela Silva’s rescue after the uncomfortable question. Meanwhile Jacky Bracamontes decides ask him about his love life. “No… yes, of course (I want to have children) but not getting married, I have the feeling that one is throwing money away,” says the Spaniard.

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