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Joe Biden’s wife visits Hispanic store and causes a stir on social media (PHOTO)

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Video: Mundo Hispánico / Foto:
  • Jill, wife of President Joe Biden and first lady of the United States, visits a Hispanic store
  • Cause surprise when arriving at a magazine business owned by Guatemalan Ana María Bota
  • The Latina did not hesitate to request a photo that she uploaded to networks and went viral

Jill, wife of President Joe Biden and first lady

of the United States, causes surprise when visiting a Hispanic store in Washington property by Ana María Bota, according to information published by the news portal of CNN Y Telemundo.

The president’s wife went through a deal of magazines and acquired several copies, to the extent that he had a pleasant meeting with the owner, who considered her «very humble.»

The Latin American did not hesitate to request a postcard from Joe Biden’s wife and uploaded it to the networks, so it almost immediately went viral.

Image taken from Twitter @CNNEELa woman of Guatemalan origin, thus managed to position her magazine business in the country’s capital, taking advantage of the fact that Jill Biden visited her Hispanic store.

For the CNN cameras, she talks that the owners are her and her husband, but that they receive the help of her sister.

Talk that since 2004 he started with this business and has not stopped since then, he even says that they work non-stop all week.

«Inspecting, seeing and asking questions,» came a man who identified himself as a member of the United States secret service, said Ana María Bota.

He says that minutes later more agents arrived and then the unexpected visitor, the door opened and it was Jill Biden who was visiting the Hispanic store.

“When she arrived she was already around, she said hello, I stayed (astonished)… I greeted her… So I walked to the front and already giving them space. She bought Time Magazine, New Yorker, Elle, Vogue ”, said the Guatemalan.

After Jill Biden visited the magazine business of the Hispanic Ana María Bota, she commented on what she spoke with members of the Secret Service.

They specified that they could greet the first lady only when she had just paid for what she was going to buy.

«When I started talking to him I told him: ‘Maybe my English is not very 100 percent, but I want to thank him and I started talking to him.’ And he said: Where are you from? ‘ I told him I was from Guatemala and he replied: ‘We have been to Guatemala, it is a very beautiful country.’

They even say that many people do not believe him and tell him that it is photoshop: «But I say, we are here and if I had not asked for that photo, they would have less believed me.»

She says that the first lady bought a total of 95 dollars and 23 cents, which one of her assistants would pay, despite her insistence to pay and that it has a very special meaning for her and that is how she defined it: “The Guatemalan woman who won the lottery».

The business that Jill Biden, wife of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, visited is the Hispanic store Newsroom and has gained attention from Internet users due to the unexpected visit of the first lady of the country.

Image taken from CNN

After Jill Biden’s visit to the Hispanic magazine store, owned by the Guatemalan Ana María Bota, the hubbub was noticed on social media.

In an interview for Telemundo, she said that «it never crossed our mind that she was going to be the first lady, very humble, very normal like everything else, herself choosing her magazines and taking her magazines to the cashier to make the payment.»

On the woman’s face you can see the expression still astonished, since although they were told that someone important would visit the business, they never thought it was Jill Biden.

Now, photography circulates on social networks and people take it as a positive aspect that the first lady visits places like that.

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