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President Joe Biden votes early in the midterms

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  • The midterm elections in the United States are held on November 8.
  • Biden votes early in the midterm elections.
  • He encouraged all Democrats to cast their ballots.

US President Joe Biden, voted early in the midterm elections where control of Congress is at stake. The governors of 36 states will also be elected, among other key public officials.

The midterm elections in the United States are held on November 8th, however, Biden decided to cast his vote for the midterm elections early on Saturday in his home state, Delaware.

Biden votes early in the midterms

Biden votes early in the midterms
Photo: Twitter

On Saturday, October 29, a little over a week before the midterm elections, President Joe Biden went to the polls accompanied by his granddaughter, Natalie, who will exercise her right to vote for the first time since turning 18.

The president stressed that this «is a choice between two very different visions of the country» and pointed out that it is not a referendum on his mandate. Biden continues to encourage voters to support Democratic candidates, hoping to keep his legislative agenda alive for the remainder of his term.

Abortion is a central issue

Biden votes early in the midterms
Photo: Twitter

President Biden has focused part of his campaign on issues such as abortion. “If we elect more Democrats to the Senate and keep the House, here is the promise I make to you and the American people: The first bill that I will send to Congress will be to codify Roe v. Wade,” President Biden promised in a Tweet.

The president also stated that, “The previous president made a series of unfulfilled promises in places like Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, where promised investments and jobs in manufacturing never materialized, but layoffs and factory closures did. Now, Made in America is not just a slogan, it’s a reality.»

Voters hold the fate of the country in their hands

Photo: Twitter

President Biden traveled to Philadelphia, which is one of the states where the vote for seats in the US Senate is very close between the two parties. He also plans to visit Florida, New Mexico and Maryland with the aim of tipping the balance in favor of the Democratic candidates.

According to data from the University of Florida, so far, more than 19 million people have decided to cast their vote early in the midterm elections, as the president did this weekend, the EFE news agency reported.

What is at stake in these midterm elections?

Photo: Twitter

Midterm elections take place every two years, right in the middle of the presidential term, and are crucial to the direction the country will take. At the moment, the Democrats have a narrow majority in Congress. On November 8, Americans will elect 435 members of the House of Representatives, whose terms are two years, and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate, whose terms last six years.

They will also elect governors in 36 states, which could change the political map of the country, according to CNN. Although Biden has said that this is not a referendum on his administration, many do consider that it will be a kind of evaluation of the last two years of Democratic control of the government.

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