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Will President Joe Biden run for re-election in 2024?

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Joe Biden Monterey Park
  • Will Joe Biden run for president again in 2024?
  • The Democrat answers questions about his future.
  • Donald Trump is also made an announcement about seeking the presidency again.

IS BIDEN RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION? After the midterm elections were held, President Joe Biden, made the first statements about his electoral future. Biden’s response came at a time of uncertainty about the results of the midterms.

However, Biden is not the only talking about 2024. Former president, Donald Trump, has been hinting at running in 2024 as well. Although of course, with the results of the midterm elections, the landscape could change.

BIDEN 2024?

BIDEN, BY 2024?
Photo: Twitter

Joe Biden announced his plans for 2024. Biden pointed out that he is trying to decide what he will do regarding the next election, whether he will go up against Donald Trump or not. Biden’s comments hinted at the fact that he will be running, The Hill said.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden hinted at his intention to run for re-election in 2024, although he will not make an official announcement until early next year. He indicated that he will do everything possible to ensure that his predecessor Donald Trump does not return to the White House, according to the EFE agency.

Biden’s decision?

Biden's pick?
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Biden made these statements at a press conference after Tuesday’s midterm elections, where media projections gave very tight results for Democrats and Republicans in both houses of Congress, with a slight advantage for conservatives, EFE reported.

The president indicated that he intends to run again: “That has been our intention, regardless of the result of these midterm elections.” Joe Biden’s statements come at a point of conflict among the Republicans due to clashes with the former president, Donald Trump.

How is Biden spending Christmas?

Spending Christmas?
Photo: Twitter

Joe Biden indicated that he plans to spend quality time with his wife, First Lady, Jill Biden, in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. For now, he also noted that he will make an announcement about 2024 early next year.

“I hope Jill and I get a little time to actually sneak away for a week around, between Christmas and Thanksgiving,” Biden said at a White House post-midterm news conference. “My guess is it will be early next year we make that judgment,” The Hill quoted him as saying.

«Everyone wants me to run»

Joe Biden re-election 2024: "They all want me to introduce myself"
Photo: Twitter

Biden pointed out he needs to make the decision to run with his family. Likewise, he declared that most people want him to run for re-election. Biden, who is almost 80, noted that he is not in a «rush» to make the decision.

“My judgment of running when I announce, if I announce— my intention is that I run again, but I’m a great respecter of fate and this is ultimately a family decision. I think everybody wants me to run, but we’re gonna have discussions about it,» Joe Biden said, according to The Hill. Filed Under: Joe Biden Re-election 2024

What about Trump?

Joe Biden re-election 2024: For Trump?
Photo: Twitter

In any case, Biden indicated that, if Trump runs again, he will make sure, exercising Constitutional powers, that he does not return to the White House. Although of course, he stated that the decision could come at any time and Trump’s decision won’t affect his own plans.

«And I don’t feel any rush, one way or the other, to make that decision, today, tomorrow, whenever, regardless of what my predecessor does,» Biden declared, according to The Hill. On Monday, on the eve of the midterm elections, Trump announced he will make «a big announcement» from his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida on November 14. Filed Under: Joe Biden Re-election 2024

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