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Joe Biden mourns the death of Vicente Fernández

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  • Joe Biden mourns the death of Vicente Fernández.
  • The president of the United States sends a meaningful message.
  • He also sends his condolences to the family of ‘El Charro de Huentitán’.

US President Joe Biden mourns the death of Mexican singer Vicente Fernández, who he called an icon whose music “created memories for millions of people”. Via Twitter, Biden said that, “The music world has lost an icon. The music of Vicente Fernández created memories for millions.” In the same tweet, the president sent, “condolences to his family and all those who loved him. Vicente will be remembered for generations to come,” according to Infobae.

Vicente Fernández was a very popular figure in the United States, where he had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2016, despite the fact that he was already retired, the “king of ranchera music” recorded a corrido for the Democratic presidential candidate (the same party as Biden’s) Hillary Clinton, to whom he expressed his support in her race against Republican candidate Donald Trump.


Joe Biden Vicente Fernandez
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“With all due respect, today I have made public my support for Mrs. Hillary Clinton. This is for defending my Mexican and Latin American brothers and sisters,” El Charro de Huentitán posted on September 21, 2016. Along with the tweet he uploaded the “Corrido to Hillary Clinton”. At the beginning of the video, it read: “Dear brothers. Your voice is your vote. Together you can do it.”

“I am Latino to the bone. Very proud of that. And I remind you my brother. We have to go hand in hand until Hillary Clinton is assured victory,” says the song. The song was composed by Manuel Eduardo Toscano, who was inspired by the song “Los Mandados” by “Chente” and was promoted on Clinton’s Latino Victory Project.

Joe Biden mourns Vicente Fernández: WHAT WERE THE LYRICS OF THE SONG?

United States's president
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“My freedom, my rights, with Hillary there is respect,” says a part of the song. Clinton thanked him, saying that, “we will not stop fighting to create opportunities for all.” Fernández, who retired from the stage in February 2016, made an exception to record that corrido. The singer had already expressed his position regarding Trump, who in the campaign accused the migrants of being “rapists and criminals” and Mexico of sending “the worst of its people” to the United States.

The Mexican charro said at that time that if he met the Republican he would “spit in his face”, would remind him of “his mother” and would tell him “everything no-one has told him.” After the last debate between Clinton and Trump, the Democrat invited Fernández to the celebration at the Craig Ranch Regional Park Amphitheater. As soon as she saw him, she approached him to say: “Thank you, Chente,” for your support. “Oh, Chente, thank you very much. It’s wonderful that you are here. I love your song.” The presidential candidate thanked the Mexican singer who was accompanied by his wife, Doña Cuquita.
Ultimately, Clinton lost that election to Trump.

Joe Biden mourns Vicente Fernández: HOW DID HIS FANS BID HIM FAREWELL?

Joe Biden Vicente Fernandez
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The death of ‘El Charro de Huentitán’ affected not only the president of the United States, but his fans in Mexico. The people in the VFG Arena did not stop clapping, but this time it was not for Vicente Fernández to continue singing, but to let him know that from now on his voice will be eternal and it still resonates in the voices of those who have been singing his songs all day.

The news of the death of “El Charro de Huentitán” spread quickly. He died at 6:15 am on December 12 at the Country 2000 hospital in Guadalajara, where he convalesced for just over four months after suffering a fall at home. “I think that the Virgin of Guadalupe took him away on her day and that there will never be another voice like his,” said Mrs. Virginia Calderón, who brought a bouquet of flowers to the hospital.


United States's president
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From early on, politicians, artists, businessmen and celebrities used social media to express their condolences. People who admire the singer met at the hospital, accompanied him to the funeral home where he was embalmed. They remained at the gates of the Los 3 Potrillos ranch waiting for his arrival, upon which they cheered and said words of consolation to the Fernández family as they traveled down the road that leads to the residence, where floral offerings and letters were left.

At noon, Vicente Fernández Jr. appeared at the front door to thank the people who were crowded outside of the ranch and perched on the fence. He said that access to the VFG Arena would be available later so that whoever wanted to say good-bye to his father could do it. According to the Civil Protection of Tlajomulco, where the VFG Arena is located, some 6,000 people gathered on the sides of the road to Chapala, along the entrances to the ranch and the arena. Some took photographs and videos that they shared with their relatives in other states or in other countries. Several met to drink beer and sing around a car with the radio playing “El Rey” and “Acá entre nos”… Filed under: Joe Biden Vicente Fernandez


Charro de Huentitán
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At 4:00 p.m. the stands of the VFG Arena began to fill up while the stage where Vicente Fernández was paid tribute was filled with flowers, lights, candles, the Christ and the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe that flanked his coffin. At  7:00 pm the strings and woodwinds of the Mariachi Azteca, who for 40 years accompanied the singer, played “Mexico, lindo y querido,” for thousands of voices to sing.

Suddenly, Cuquita Abarca, the artist’s widow, was left alone next to the coffin on stage and an ovation embraced her from the stands. The mariachi began to play “Amor de los dos” and Alejandro Fernández came up to sing with his mother. Thus, throughout the night the songs were playing, the honor guards rotated and a large flag of Mexico unfurled from the ceiling. Over 10,000 people, who occupied the stands, were allowed to parade in front of the body of their idol. In addition to his family and friends, the family of singer Pepe Aguilar, his mariachis and even police stood guard next to the singer’s coffin. He will be buried on Monday in a special place in Los 3 Potrillos. Filed Under: Joe Biden Vicente Fernández

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