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Joe Biden gives immigrants hope for a path to citizenship

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  • Joe Biden gives immigrants hope for a path to citizenship.
  • He asks Republicans to facilitate legal status for DREAMers.
  • Republicans intensified their immigration offensive by sending undocumented immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

Amidst the national holidays in Mexico, US President Joe Biden offered hope to immigrants living and working in the country. He warned Republicans that it’s «time to sit down at the table to facilitate the path to citizenship for DREAMers», according to the EFE news agency and La República.

The same day that the Republicans intensified their immigration offensive by sending undocumented immigrants to liberal states, Biden counterattacked, emphasizing before an eminently Latino audience that this «reckless» strategy uses them «as props.»


Joe Biden Citizenship Immigrants
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“Republicans are playing politics with human beings, using them as props. What they’re doing is simply wrong, it’s un-American, it’s reckless. And we have a process in place to manage migrants at the border. We’re working to make sure it’s safe and orderly and humane,” Biden said in a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Biden spoke at the annual gala of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) with an audience made up of Hispanic legislators and prominent members of the Latino community. Republicans, he stressed, should not intervene in immigration matters by staging these political maneuvers.


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“It’s long overdue for Senate Republicans to come to the table, provide a pathway for citizenship for DREAMers, those in temporary status, farmworkers, and essential workers,” he added with the intention of “modernizing the laws” so that these people do not have to wait decades to be able to be reunited with their families. For this reason, he stressed, the Democratic victory in the midterm elections on November 8 is crucial.

On Wednesday, about fifty immigrants, most of them Venezuelans, arrived on the exclusive island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. They were sent there Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a protest of the Biden administration’s immigration policies. Filed Under: Joe Biden citizenship migrants


Joe Biden Citizenship Immigrants
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Recently, Republican Governor of  Texas, Greg Abbott sent two buses full of immigrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ home in Washington, DC under the pretense that they were being sent to find work. Biden criticized these stunts and reproached Republicans for their inhumane actions. He also reminded the audience of his recent legislative victories.

Among others, the Inflation Reduction Act, signed in mid-August which, together with measures to reduce prices, gives Medicare the power to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs. «This year, the American people won and Big Pharma lost,» he announced, emphasizing the benefits that his policies have brought to ordinary citizens. Filed Under: Joe Biden citizenship migrants

Kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month

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He lauded the cancellation of student debt, saying: «Almost half Latino students with federal loans will see their debt totally forgiven.» He also boasted of his fight for gun control, promising that will not stop until assault rifles are banned.

“We’re not a product of our ethnicity or our religion or geography.  We are a product of our Constitution.,” he proudly concluded. This Thursday’s gala, and the annual conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs through October 15 in Washington and celebrates the contributions of Latin Americans in the United States at that time. Filed Under: Joe Biden citizenship migrants

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