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Jill Biden decorates the White House with more than 83,000 lights for Christmas

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Exmarido Jill Biden Trump: Defiende a Trump
  • The First Lady is in charge of the Christmas spirit.
  • Did Jill Biden do more than Melania?
  • The White House is adorned with fir trees.

First Lady Jill Biden unveiled the White House holiday decorations. This year’s theme is “We the People” (Nosotros, el pueblo). She has adorned the presidential residence with 77 fir trees and more than 83,000 lights.

Different rooms were decorated for the occasion by 150 volunteers who worked for a week. Jill Biden aims to «capture the spirit embodied in the very idea of ​​the United States». The final results were shared on social media.

How did Jill Biden decorate the White House for Christmas?

How did the White House end up?
PHOTO: Instagram

From bells to cardboard animals, fake snow and a gingerbread replica of the White House itself, the presidential residence kicked off the holiday season with bright holiday traditions.

Jill Biden chose “We the People” as her theme, alluding to the preamble to the US Constitution, which begins with this phrase. The first lady has wanted to be close to the people, like her husband. FILED UNDER: Jill Biden Decorates Christmas

A special dedication

The decoration has dedication
PHOTO: Instagram

The first lady wanted to dedicate this year’s decorations to the families of the United States National Guard to support those who «represent the heart» of the community, so she invited National Guard members and families to celebrate.

«You have to recognize their service and let them know that they are not alone,» stated Jill Biden, who as the mother and grandmother of members of the National Guard recognized the work of these forces, which «often goes unnoticed.»

Jill Biden goes for a traditional look

Jill Biden decorates Christmas: She goes for the traditional
PHOTO: Instagram

Among the decorations that adorned the White House, the traditional gingerbread house, made with more than 30 pounds of chocolate and 40 pounds of royal icing, is a sight to behold.

Likewise, both Willow and Commander, the Biden family dogs, appear as cardboard cutouts, while other animal figures such as those of the official birds of the 57 states, territories and the District of Columbia hang from the large tree in the Blue Room.

Did she outdo Melania’s decorations?

Jill Biden decorates Christmas: Did she outdo Melania's decorations?
PHOTO: Instagram
Melania Trump’s White House decorations were criticized for being too cold and austere. Her last foray into holiday decorating was in 2020 was an attempt at nostalgia. “Jill has better style than Melania,” said one Twitter user.

More than 3,200 strings of lights and 17,000 garlands were part of Melania’s decorations last year. Jill took a warmer, more exuberant approach. With information from EFE.

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