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A Mexican earns one million dollars a year with OnlyFans

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Jesse Garcia OnlyFans, Trouble, Experience, MundoNow, News
Jesse Garcia on OnlyFans (PHOTO: Jesse García)
  • Transformation from the streets to OnlyFans.
  • From darkness to light: Jesse Garcia.
  • Sacrifices in pursuit of success.

Lost, on the streets, living in a world of drugs, guns, and fights; in that dead-end alley was a Hispanic man, of Mexican origin, in Denver until, according to him, he found a ‘treasure’.

«I was in a bad place, I had hit rock bottom,» says Jesse Garcia, who claims he even ended up in jail, but along that path he stumbled upon a website, which although is frowned upon by many; for him, it was a blessing… «OnlyFans».

Garcia is heterosexual, even when he started his OnlyFans page, he had a girlfriend.

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Now, the majority of his followers on the blue page are homosexual, from whom he says he has received «a lot of love. I respect them, I have learned from them, but I also want to make it clear that I only like women.»

To escape from that world and start a new life, Jesse moved, in 2020, from Denver, Colorado, to Dallas, Texas. «I was looking to make a change in my life, because I was messing up,» he recalls.

At that time, he started working at a gym, but it didn’t last long. «I got fired for being late,» he says.

Through his first Instagram account, he started receiving requests to open an OnlyFans account, but Jesse admits that he didn’t know what that was or what it entailed.

Received a message that changed everything

OnlyFans, transformation, Jesse García, success, MundoNow
Mexicano en OnlyFans FOTO Jesse García

One day, he received a private message and asked the person who messaged him what it was about. They showed him a photo of a guy from Texas.

«I went to the guy’s Instagram and thought… if this guy can make $100,000 in 6 months, then I’m a millionaire,» recalls the Hispanic.

In his ignorance, Jesse forgot to post a photo on his profile. He simply registered and started his work.

«On my first day, I made over $1,500 and I didn’t even have a photo.»

His following grew rapidly

sacrifices, lost, drugs, weapons, MundoNow
Mexicano en OnlyFans FOTO Jesse García

His growth on the platform was rapid.

«I was doing really well on OnlyFans,» says García, who has been uploading content to his platform for four years now.

«In those four years, I made about a million. The first year I was learning; the second year is when I was making like $20,000 a month and then between $15,000 and $10,000 weekly,» the Hispanic specified.

As he takes a moment to pause and catch his breath, he clarifies that not everything in this business is rosy.

His life changed

fights, Hispanic, Mexican origin, Denver, MundoNow
Mexicano en OnlyFans FOTO Jesse García

As the number of followers grew, his personal life took an unexpected turn and he began to have conflicts.

The first with his girlfriend, who decided to abandon him and then with his mother, who found out in the most grotesque way about his new job.

Jesse’s mother is very religious and one day on her birthday, an old partner of Jesse’s sent her photographs of her son naked with a woman in bed and informed her what her son’s current job consisted of. she.

«Money is good, but you have to make sacrifices. I made money, a lot of money, but I also lost a lot. Friendships, fanatic connections, relationships and also the respect of my family,» García explains.

He says what he lost

jail, website, blessing, heterosexual, girlfriend, MundoNow
FOTO Jesse García

In listing sacrifices, the Hispanic man says:

«To gain this house where I am, I lost (…) To earn a lot of money, it also depends on how much you’re willing to lose. In that case, I made money, but I lost things here.»

Over time, Jesse says that the family relationship has improved, but he has learned a valuable lesson.

«I went after the money and not the dream (…) I forgot about my fans, about my music (…) You should never forget the purpose for which you’re doing this.»

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