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5 Jennifer Lopez styles for Hispanic Heritage Month

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5 Jennifer Lopez styles to copy for Hispanic Heritage Month. PHOTO: Mezcalent
  • JLO is a fashion icon.
  • She remains the Diva of the Bronx.
  • Singer, actress, and entrepreneur.

5 Jennifer Lopez styles to emulate for Hispanic Heritage Month: Feel like a true fashion diva with her looks.

JLO is an American actress, singer, producer, and entrepreneur with Puerto Rican roots.

The star’s passion for fashion has established her as a significant reference in the fashion industry.

Lopez is a woman who likes to take risks: From her hairstyle to the pieces and textures of clothing she wears.

Jennifer Lopez styles

Icon, Neckline, Tan, Surprised, Photographers.
FOTO: Mezcalent

Jennifer Lopez has graced the covers of major fashion publications for her impeccable style at significant events.

Magazines like Vogue have labeled Lopez as one of the best-dressed in the Hollywood industry.

She and her fashion team collaborate with the most exclusive designers, creating outfits that become iconic.

Far from relinquishing her spot as one of Hollywood’s best-dressed, Lopez continues to garner positive reviews for her style.

Swarovski Crystals

Shotgun Wedding, Movie, Dress with crystals, JLO, Posing.
FOTO: Mezcalent

Swarovski crystals are key in the outfits that Jennifer Lopez wears on the red carpets of major events.

The singer and actress often sports sheer elements, which she perfectly pairs with Swarovski crystals tailored to her figure.

«Less is more» often doesn’t apply to Lopez, as she combines Swarovski crystals with eye-catching jewelry.

For the premiere of her movie «Shotgun Wedding», JLO chose a skin-colored jumpsuit adorned with crystals that caught everyone’s attention.

Leaves Little to the Imagination

Icon, Toned, Perfect tan, Curvy, Pulled-back hair.
FOTO: Mezcalent

Jennifer Lopez leaves little to the imagination with the outfits that both she and her team select for award ceremonies.

Lopez was one of the most daring celebrities with her attire on the red carpet of the Latin Billboard Awards in 2017.

At that time, the singer wore a black jumpsuit with mesh that highlighted her curvaceous figure and well-maintained tan.

The plunging neckline around her bust and hips positioned JLO as the sexiest on the award show’s red carpet.

Religious Elements

JLO, Chest, Short hair, Diamonds, Earrings.
FOTO: Mezcalent

Jennifer Lopez is known for taking risks, and one such instance has been her use of religious elements, which has garnered criticism.

For a MET Gala red carpet, Lopez donned a dress with a massive cross on the bust area.

The singer and actress’s dress sparked controversy for combining religious elements with sensual symmetries on her body.

The MET Gala is known for the controversial outfits worn by celebrities, but Jennifer’s ensemble received many negative reviews at that time.

Doesn’t Always Hit the Mark

JLO, Gift, Metallic colors, Icon, Gold.
FOTO: Mezcalent

Though she and her fashion team are known for getting it right when it comes to choosing her outfits, that isn’t always the case.

Jennifer Lopez received much criticism for a look she sported at one of the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles, California.

On that occasion, Lopez wore a dress with massive gold and green bows, which turned her into the subject of various memes.

Many online users even compared the singer and actress to a gift bow because of her outfit that crossed the line of daring.

JLO Opts for Simplicity

Super Bowl, American football, Top, High-waisted pants, White.
FOTO: Mezcalent

JLO sometimes chooses not to take risks with her outfits and goes for much simpler styles for her engagements.

One such instance was during the Super Bowl Halftime press conference. For that occasion, she opted for an all-white «total look.»

Instead of wearing something more elaborate, Lopez donned high-waisted pants in white paired with a top of the same color.

Likewise, the singer’s styling was also quite simple for that event, choosing completely straight hair.

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