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Jennifer Lopez is asked about possible split from Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Lopez answers reporter who asks about divorce rumors (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Jennifer Lopez answers reporter who asks about divorce rumors.
  • She and Ben Affleck are spotted wearing their wedding rings.
  • The reactions on social media.

Renowned singer and actress Jennifer López is in the eye of the storm after an uncomfortable exchange with the Mexican press.

During her visit to Mexico City along with the cast of the new Netflix film Atlas, she was asked about her marriage.

Let us remember that a few days ago rumors began swirling after it was reported that she and Ben Affleck are living separately.

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Jennifer Lopez answers reporter who asks about divorce rumors

Singer, Celebrities, Controversy, Breakup, Jennifer López divorce Ben
Photo: Mezcalo

The Bronx Diva looked dazzling at a press conference where she gave some details about her new Netflix project.

However, the actress was not spared from being asked about alleged problems in her marriage to Ben Affleck.

Shortly before ending the conversation with reporters from the Mexican press, one of them asked to speak and JLo said, “Tell me, what’s wrong with you?”

The Mexican journalist without thinking, was very direct with her.

Pointed questions about JLo’s marriage to Ben Affleck

Couple, Speculations, Controversy, Celebrities, Actors
Jennifer Lopez answers reporter who asks about Ben Affleck / Photo: Mezcalo

“Your divorce with Ben Affleck is real? What is the truth?” the reporter asks during the press conference.

“For the Mexican press, what is the truth of the situation?” the journalist asked again.

The singer did not take this question in the best way and simply said, «You known better than that.»

The atmosphere at the press conference became tense after the question and yet there were still questions like: “Is there a marital crisis?”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck send mixed signals

jennifer lopez answers reporter, ben affleck, atlas, divorce
Jennifer Lopez answers reporter / Photo: Meznivel

Although in recent weeks it has been said that Ben and JLo no longer live under the same roof and that divorce is imminent, the singer has been wearing her wedding ring.

Ben Affleck has also been seen wearing his ring, which has reassured many of the couple’s fans.

The reactions on social media were immediate due to JLo’s attitude toward the Mexican journalist after the uncomfortable question.

“Everyone getting into her life.” “That woman changes her husband as if he were a diaper.» “You don’t ask what you see.” “She seems so hurt,» were some comments.

What did internet users say?

jennifer lopez answers reporter, ben affleck, atlas, el gordo y la flaca, divorce
Photo: Instagram / El Gordo y La Flaca

“Like she doesn’t like people talking to her about her marriage.” “They should leave her alone.” “She looks super nervous.” “You can see sadness in her eyes,” others said.

“Because of her response, the rumors are true.” “She looks very uncomfortable with the question.” “They don’t even respect other people’s pain,” they continued.

Rumors about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may persist, but the couple continues to show signs of unity so far.

Jennifer Lopez remains an icon in the entertainment industry, demonstrating her ability to handle media pressure with grace. To see the video where Jennifer Lopez answers reporter who asks about her marriage HERE.

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