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Is it Jenni Rivera? Paranormal activity is detected at the ‘Chisme No Like’ studio

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Elisa Beristain
  • Elisa and Ceriani are surprised.
  • Did Jenni Rivera manifest herself in Chisme No Like’s studio?
  • The hosts ask a paranormal expert for help.

For the tenth anniversary Jenni Rivera’s death, the entertainment show Chisme No like had a special broadcast to honor La Diva de la Banda. Netizens immediately began to notice something strange.

The hosts Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani contacted professionals in paranormal phenomena to investigate what happened when some members of the Rivera family appeared on the program for the special episode that was dedicated to the late singer.

Strange noises in the Chisme No Like studio

Strange noises in the middle of the program

PHOTO: YouTube

Juan Rivera and Pepe Garza, Elisa’s husband, appeared on Chisme No Like to talk about what Jenni Rivera was like in life and that she suspected that she was going to be killed. Her brother, with obvious pain, talked about how his sister spent her last days.

In minute 59, when Juan Rivera begins to talk about Chiquis, strange noises can be heard, which are not noticed by those present. However, fans noticed these unusual psychophonies during the broadcast. SEE VIDEO HERE

Frightened viewers

scared followers
PHOTO: YouTube

“I was listening to the program that day with my headphones as always, but I don’t know why I felt chills, I heard strange things,” commented a fan of Chisme No Like who was watching the broadcast the day the strange events occurred.

Elisa Beristain said that she and Ceriani had contacted paranormal experts Felipe Zendejas and Octavio Elizondo. They denied that it had been a superimposed audio during the transmission. And this created more confusion. “There were anomalies in the studio.”

Juan attracted the ghost

Paranormal Gossip no like: Juan took them to the ghost
PHOTO: YouTube

“It is something that comes with Juan Rivera,” the experts said. “It is very curious that the anomaly began when Juan began to talk about the Chiquis problem.” It is well known that the family of the late Diva de la Banda has been experiencing problems since her death.

“Juan Rivera does have a very heavy energy,” said Ceriani agreeing with the paranormal experts. “Thank you for bringing experts,” their fans commented in reference to the Extranormal men. “They are the best at hunting that kind of thing.”

Jenni manifested?

Paranormal Gossip not like: Jenni manifested?
PHOTO: YouTube

“That Juan Rivera, the only energy that I see, is ambition, the old man, the jerk, he and his sister Rosa, without Jennifer, are nothing.” Some criticized Juan who has been accused of taking advantage of his sister’s fame.

“Jenni Rivera is not suffering,” the paranormal experts told Javier and Elisa. Many of those who followed the broadcast claimed that Jenni speaking out, but they denied that. SEE VIDEO OF CHISME NO LIKE HERE.

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