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Did Jenni Rivera’s ghost visit ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ during an interview with her sister Rosie?

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Jenni Rivera's ghost appears during interview (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Did Jenni Rivera’s ghost appear?
  • Rosie Rivera will be on Top Chef VIP.
  • Something strange happened during an interview.

Rosie Rivera is confirmed as one of the contestants in the third season of Top Chef VIP. The show begins next week after the finale of La Casa de los Famosos.

Rosie Rivera recently gave an interview to Al Rojo Vivo. However, something terrifying happened.

In the interview they talked about a little bit of everything, but what caught the most attention was what may have been Jenni Rivera’s ghost.

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Did Jenni Rivera’s ghost appear during an interview?

Journalist Azucena Cierco was talking to Rosie about her participation in Top Chef VIP.

At one point in the conversation, the journalist mentioned singer Jenni Rivera. Azucena said that Jenni would surely be very happy to see her sister shine.

«Just when I was expressing to Rosie how happy La Diva would be to see her shine, look what happened,» the journalist said.

At that precise moment, there was audio interference that only lasted a few seconds.

What happened during Rosie Rivera’s interview?

FOTO: Mezcalent

The strangest thing is that there was no interference at any other time during the recording. The journalist said that when reviewing the video nothing similar was found.

“After that interference with the audio, it did not occur in any other part of the interview, only in that moment when we were talking about her (Jenni Rivera),” she said.

«It was something that caught our attention and that is why we decided to contact a parapsychologist to tell us what is behind this unusual event,» said the presenter.

This leaves us all confused. Paranormal activity is something that not everyone believes in. Furthermore, there is no way to prove it one hundred percent.

Was it Jenni Rivera?

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Photo: Mezcalo

The mix of talent, drama and mystery promises to keep the audience glued to the screen. The possible appearance of Jenni Rivera’s ghost adds intrigue.

An expert analyzed the images and, indeed, he did see the possibility that there was an energy channeling that was reflected in that way.

He explained his theory in detail on the the Telemundo show.

Could it be that the deceased Jenni Rivera spoke out during her sister’s interview? Draw your own conclusions!

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