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Jeffrey Parker, MARTA CEO, confirmed to have died by suicide after stepping in front of a train

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  • Jeffrey Parker has tragically passed away.
  • The CEO of MARTA died by suicide after stepping in front of a train.
  • “His passing leaves us all heartbroken.”

Jeffrey Parker, CEO and general manager of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transportation Authority (MARTA) is confirmed to have died tragically after stepping in front of a train. Through a press release, it was revealed that Parker died by suicide on Friday. So far, the reasons why he resorted to such a desperate act are unknown.

MARTA issued a press release announcing the events that occurred and gave a brief sketch of the career of Atlanta’s former transportation executive. So far, the authorities have not given more information about his death, but it is known that they have launched an investigation. Colleagues, friends and acquaintances offered their condolences to his family.


Photo: MARTA

The death of MARTA leader Jeffrey Parker was announced through a press release. He was the general manager of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority during one of its most complicated times, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

An agency spokeswoman, Stephany Fisher, said Parker died when he was struck by a train at the East Lake station in DeKalb County around 10:30 pm Friday, The Associated Press reported. Shortly thereafter, a press release was posted on MARTA’s website reaffirming the spokesperson’s announcement.

Jeffrey Parker dies: MARTA’s statement

Jeffrey Parker dies: The MARTA statement
Photo: Twitter

Through a press release, it was revealed that Jeffrey Parker, better known as Jeff, died by suicide in the evening of Friday, January 14. The incident was terribly shocking to everyone who knew the man. Many people who worked with him were heartbroken when his death was confirmed.

“The MARTA Board of Directors grieves the shocking death of our GM/CEO Jeff Parker, who has died by suicide. He was an outstanding leader and steward of MARTA whose passing leaves us all heartbroken,” reads the press release issued by MARTA on Friday night. Filed Under: Jeffrey Parker Dies

Honoring Jeffrey Parker’s leadership

Jeffrey Parker dies: "Your vision is fulfilled"
Photo: Twitter

The death of Jeffrey Parker has greatly impacted everyone at MARTA who expressed their feelings about his untimely passing. According to the statement from the Board of Directors, they are devastated by the news and they said that they will value Jeff’s leadership, just as they hope to live up to his expectations.

“As Chairwoman and on behalf of my fellow MARTA board members, we are devastated at this loss, as we valued Jeff’s leadership and looked forward to him bringing his vision for transit to fruition.” Filed Under: Jeffrey Parker Dies

MARTA mourns their loss

Jeffrey Parker dies: Is Atlanta in debt?
Photo: Twitter

In the press release, they stated that the Atlanta region owes Jeffrey a debt of gratitude and noted that he fought to transform transportation in the Georgia city. In addition, they stressed that they will continue working on the foundations that he laid and continue the evolution in the work he did for the community.

“The entire Atlanta metro region owes him a debt of gratitude for his transformational efforts and we will not stop working to build on the foundation he created,” the press release stated. In addition, they pointed out that they will work to make his vision of safer more reliable transportation in Atlanta a reality. Filed Under: Jeffrey Parker Dies

The family’s grief

The duel of the family
Photo: Twitter

It was also reported that Jeffrey Parker is survived by his wife and daughters, who are devastated by his death. In addition, the Board announced that they are struggling to understand what happened with Jeff and come to terms the idea of ​​his suicide. In their statement, they pointed out that suicide can be prevented and that there is help available for people who are contemplating it.

“As we struggle to understand the complexity of this tragedy, we grieve with and for his wife Erin, his daughters, and all of Jeff’s family and friends, as well as his MARTA family. As we continue to grieve, we want you to know that suicide is preventable and help is available to you.”

A man of great successes

A man of great triumphs
Photo: Twitter

Jeffrey Parker was one of the most beloved personalities in Atlanta and stood out for his great work with the community in regards to infrastructure and outreach. Parker was consistently recognized as one of Atlanta’s most influential leaders, recently named among Atlanta Magazine’s 2020 Most Powerful People and Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Power 100: Most Influential Atlantans of 2020, The Associated Press reported.

Parker was also recognized in 2019 by the Atlanta Chapter of Women’s Transportation Seminar as its “Man of the Year” for his strong record of hiring and promoting women in the transportation industry, the AP noted. Parker’s death comes as a great loss for Atlanta and it is still unbelievable that he died in such a tragic way.

The Governor offers his condolences

The Governor offered his condolences
Photo: Twitter

Through social media, various figures have offered their condolences to Jeffrey Parker’s family, stressing how unfortunate it is to learn about his death. One of them was Governor Brian P. Kemp, who expressed his feelings at the loss of Jeff and sent his condolences saying that his wife and daughters mourn Parker’s death.

“Marty, the girls and I are saddened to learn of the tragic passing of Jeffrey Parker, General Manager/CEO of MARTA. In addition to a remarkable professional career in the public/private sectors, Jeffrey was known for his civic engagement and support for the advancement of his communities,” noted Brian Kemp.

Who is the new leader of MARTA?

Who is the new leader of MARTA?
Photo: Twitter

Through a short press release, MARTA’s official website reported on the temporary CEO who will be responsible for the projects left by Jeffrey Parker. According to the release, the acting CEO will be Collie Greenwood, who remains in charge as general manager and interim executive director of the agency.

“In a unanimous vote, the MARTA Board of Directors has named Collie Greenwood as interim General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of MARTA at a specially called board meeting on Saturday, January 15, 2022, held after the sudden death of Jeffrey Parker,” announced the MARTA website.

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