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Who was ‘El Güero’, the singer who was killed in an accident?

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Javier Emilio Barbosa, Death, Singer, Mexico, MundoNow
Foto: Shutterstock, Javier Emilio Barbosa
  • Who Was Javier Emilio Barbosa ‘El Güero’?
  • The Singer Died in a Tragic Accident
  • He Was Traveling with Three Women

Javier Emilio Barbosa López, popularly known as «El Güero», passed away last Saturday due to a severe car crash.

Initial reports indicate that the singer’s vehicle collided with a concrete post, resulting in grievous injuries.

His family and close ones shared a brief message on social media, expressing their grief over the devastating incident.

The regional Mexican music artist was accompanied by three women at the time of the accident. As of now, their identities remain undisclosed.


singer, mexican, el guero, accident, MundoNow
PHOTO Facebook

The regional Mexican music community is in mourning following the tragic loss of Javier Emilio Barbosa López, better known as «El Güero».

After the incident, authorities were initially hesitant to release details regarding the identity of the deceased.

Newly disclosed details about the renowned regional Mexican music singer reveal that he was a member of a prominent local band.

«El Güero», aged 60, was traveling in a luxury Cadillac SUV and was accompanied by three women, all of whom sustained injuries.

Soccer lover?

Tragedy, Jalisco, Mexican singer, Irreparable loss, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

Following the announcement of his death, the Aviña Official Football League’s page released a statement expressing their condolences to his family.

What stood out about this publication wasn’t just the words of sympathy, but the unveiling of a previously unseen photograph of the singer.

«On behalf of everyone at the Sunday Campos Aviña league, we extend our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Emilio Barbosa Sánchez,» they stated.

«May God grant you swift solace,» the post from the Official Aviña Football League read, accompanied by a condolence poster.

Who did he died?

Tribute, mourning, tragedy, artist, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

MundoNOW was among the first to relay reports from local media before the singer’s identity was publicly disclosed.

The tragic accident transpired in the wee hours of Saturday on one of the busiest avenues in Zapopan, Jalisco.

It’s understood that the singer was driving at a high velocity when his luxury vehicle crashed violently.

Initial reports from local authorities suggest the impact was so forceful that it was heard from a nearby police station.

How he died?

Condolences, Investigation in progress, Family statement, Mourning, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

The harrowing images of the crash went viral within minutes, showcasing the extensive damage to the front of the vehicle.

Due to the severe impact, Emilio Barbosa’s leg was amputated, and he was urgently transported to the Cruz Verde de Las Águilas medical facilities.

According to Millennium News, it was revealed that, in addition to the amputation, he suffered a significant head injury. Tragically, he passed away before arriving at the hospital.

ZMG Traffic has reported that the three women who were in the vehicle at the time of the accident are currently receiving medical treatment at the hospital.

A unique talent

Impact on music, Musical legacy, El Güero's hits, Artistic career, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

The world of regional Mexican music has lost one of its brightest stars, but his legacy will endure through his songs.

Renowned for his distinctive voice and authentic style, he had become a pivotal figure in the genre, captivating local audiences. TO SEE PHOTO CLICK HERE.

Javier Emilio Barbosa Sánchez, known as “El Güero,” made an indelible mark on the industry and touched the hearts of many who connected with him through his artistry. TO SEE PHOTO CLICK HERE.

His melodies will remain a source of inspiration and solace to his admirers, and his memory will be celebrated through countless tributes.

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