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The first plus-size Miss Nepal: Who is Jane Dipka Garrett?

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Jane Dipika Garrett, Miss Nepal, Miss Universe 2023, beauty, MundoNOW / Jane Dipika Garrett, Miss Nepal, Miss Universo 2023, belleza, MundoNOW
Jane Dipka Garrett / PHOTO: Instagram
  • Jane Dipka Garrett is the first plus-size Miss Nepal.
  • She advocates for body positivity.
  • Meet the beauty queen.

When thinking about beauty pageants like Miss Universe, we assume the contestants will be a certain size.

However, it’s important to remember that beauty is subjective.

Recently, Miss Nepal has caught the attention of social media users.

Her name is Jane Dipika Garrett, and she will go down in history as the first plus-size contestant to compete for Miss Universe. She is already a winner.

Jane Dipka Garrett is all about empowerment

plus size, big size, empowerment, physical, MundoNOW
Jane Dipika Garrett / PHOTO: Instagram

According to Ella magazine, Jane Dipika Garrett is 22 years old and was crowned Miss Nepal last September.

She is a proud advocate of the body positive movement, which advocates for acceptance and celebrates bodies of all sizes.

Moreover, this Miss Universe contestant works to promote women’s mental and physical health.

«Beauty has no single mold. Every woman is beautiful just as she is,» she said.

What does Jane Dipika Garrett do when she’s not competing?

Jane Dipika Garrett, Miss Universe, nurse, business, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

It’s worth noting that although Jane Dipika Garrett won the Miss Nepal pageant, she is American by birth.

The Miss Universe contestant is a nurse and a business developer. She lived in Washington, D.C. for a while.

She moved to the country she now represents to work as a tutor in March 2018. Her life changed completely in Nepal.

Garrett is also a content creator. She talks about women’s health and body positivity on social media.

«It’s time to break the stigmas»

declaration, health, vocation, altruism, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

As mentioned earlier, Jane Dipika Garrett is a nurse, and she likes to support others, especially children.

«Working with babies is so rewarding and also painful when we see suffering in this world,» said the Miss Universe contestant.

On that occasion, she commented that it was time to break the stigmas that the world has about people who «don’t fit in.»

«We are all human, we deserve love, and we are worthy of love and acceptance. That is humanity. Be human,» she added.

Jane Dipika Garrett has a rare disease

Jane Dipika Garrett, Miss Universe, illness, polycystic ovary syndrome, MundoNOWPHOTO: Instagram

But not everything is happy Jane Dipika Garrett’s life, as it was revealed that she has a rare, though not life-threatening, disease.

According to Milenio, Miss Nepal has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which affects thousands of women worldwide.

«Women go through so many different changes in their bodies. I’m going through a PCOS change, and that’s okay!»

In addition, this Miss Universe contestant revealed that, despite seeming confident, she struggles with her self-esteem.

«I was quiet and insecure»

self-esteem, stereotypes, participant, beauty contest, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

Finally, Jane Dipika Garrett said that she used to be quiet and insecure, but now she stands tall.

«I love myself, I have forgiven myself, all the pain is gone, and that, for me, is success,» she said.

According to Milenio, Miss Nepal accepts herself just as she is and does not let physical stereotypes affect her.

«As a woman with curves and who does not meet certain beauty standards, I am here to represent women struggling with weight gain,» she concluded.

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