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James Ochoa is accused of murdering his girlfriend Vicktoria Robles (PHOTOS)

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  • James Ochoa was charged with the shooting death of his girlfriend.
  • He had beaten up his girlfriend Vicktoria Robles.
  • Vicktoria Robles had given birth to a baby just a month ago.

James Ochoa was accused of the shooting death of his girlfriend Vicktoria Robles, a bright and up-and-coming biologist in Texas. The Homicide Division of the Houston Police Department (HPD) is investigating James Ochoa’s brutal crime, which is a case of domestic violence.

The tragedy of 32-year-old Vicktoria Robles’ death has shaken the Hispanic community in Houston, Texas. Her boyfriend James Christopher Ochoa had already shown signs of being dangerous. In September 2021, Ochoa began to beat Robles, despite the fact that she was pregnant.

James Ochoa killed his girlfriend in a case of domestic violence

James Ochoa killed his girlfriend in a case of domestic violence
James Ochoa killed his girlfriend Vicktoria Robles and then drove to another city to turn himself in to the authorities. (PHOTO: Williamson County Sheriff’s Office)

However, the documents of the case against Ochoa before Judge Josh Hill, of the 232nd Criminal District Court in Harris County, reveal that it was dismissed by the magistrate who handled it. The Grand Jury declared that there was not enough evidence of the assault, despite Robles’ injuries.

On Monday, May 9, 2022, James Ochoa, 33, entered the headquarters of the Cedar Park Police Department (CPPD) in Central Texas. In his arms the man was carrying a one-month-old baby. Ochoa asked to speak to an officer.

Ochoa confesses to murder with a baby in his arms

The confession of a murder and with a baby in the arms
Vicktoria Robles, 32, was a bright woman with a promising future as a clinical biologist at the Medical Center in Houston, Texas. (PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico)

When an officer talked to James Ochoa, the man, still holding the baby, told him that he had just shot his girlfriend Vicktoria Robles to death in Houston, Texas. The stunned police officer who heard the confession put James Ochoa and the baby in a room and reported the case to his superiors.

So far it is not known with certainty if James Ochoa is also the father of the baby he was carrying. What is known is that this baby is the son of the Vicktoria Robles, who was the girlfriend of the man who killed her. CCPD officers called HPD to report the crime.

Vicktoria Robles was a brilliant and promising biologist

Vicktoria Robles was a brilliant and promising biologist
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

The HPD officers went to the home of Vicktoria Robles, located at 8181 El Mundo Street, at 7:40 in the morning to search the house after the unusual report. The area where the young woman lived is populated mostly by doctors, nurses, scientists and researchers due to its proximity to the Texas Medical Center.

The academic record of the Vicktoria Robles, who was raised in Brownsville, is impressive. She studied biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). Then did a Master in Hospital Administration at Ohio University (OHU).

One more crime of domestic violence

One more crime for domestic violence
Vikctoria Robles, despite being pregnant, had already suffered a beating last September at the hands of her boyfriend James Ochoa. (PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico)

Shaun Sylvester, a detective with HPD’s Homicide Division, arrived at the crime scene to investigate the details. Detective Sylvester informed the media stationed outside the house that there was indeed a woman who had been shot to death inside.

The HPD Homicide Division detective declined to give details of the crime, the identity of the victim and the alleged perpetrator. Authorities determined that the slain young woman had died at some point during the night following an incident of domestic violence.

Vicktoria Robles had become a mother just a month ago

Vicktoria Robles just a month ago had become a mother
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

Records in Harris County detail that Vicktoria Robles gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. The name of the little girl will not be revealed in this story. Authorities in Texas will determine who should get custody of the baby.

James Ochoa remains in the Williamson County jail waiting for a judge to authorize his transfer to Harris County, to face trial for the murder of his girlfriend. The Texas State Penal Code details that the charge of homicide is punishable by a sentence of 20 to 99 years in prison.

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