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Woman who died for 3 minutes reveals what she experienced in the afterlife

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Woman, died, describes, afterlife
Woman who died describes afterlife (Photo: Tiktok/Shutterstock)
  • Woman who died describes her near-death experience.
  • Jade was pronounced dead for 3 minutes.
  • She shared a TikTok video about it.

Jade, the 36-year-old resident of Green Bay, Wisconsin woman who died describes her near-death experience after suffering heat stroke.

She reveals what she experienced after being clinically dead for three minutes.

Through videos on her TikTok account, Jade explains how heat stroke brought her to the brink of death.

She offers a unique and captivating insight into what could exist in the afterlife.

Jade collapsed on her friend’s couch

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

It all started when Jade began to suffer from nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and extreme exhaustion after spending a few minutes outside.

These symptoms, seemingly benign at first, quickly intensified, leading her to collapse on her friend’s couch.

Concerned about her condition, the called an ambulance.

At the hospital doctors pronounced her dead for three minutes after suffering heat stroke.

Woman who died: Jade shares her experience in the ‘afterlife’

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Jade surprised everyone by coming back to life, and has since shared her revelations in a series of videos that have captivated TikTok.

In a recent interview, Jade recounts her unimaginable experience during her brief time in the afterlife.

According to the Independent, she said: “I had experienced extreme fear of dying before this incident, but when it actually happened, I had zero fear,” the content creator said.

“I remember feeling consistently yucky and really gross. I was rundown, lethargic and sick to my stomach, with my mouth bone dry,» she noted.

She felt completely at peace in the face of death

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

“I went out to smoke and the moment that I finished and stood up, I knew I was in trouble. My priority immediately became getting back inside,” she told the outlet.

«I don’t think I understood at this point that I was dying, but I did understand that I was going down,» Jade said.

She also revealed: “Everything must have happened in a matter of moments, but it felt like much longer and this profound feeling of utter sickness hit me like a ton of bricks.»

«It made me completely okay with dying because I wanted to sleep forever. Then, everything went black and that was the moment I knew I was about to pass away,” Jade said.

Her condition was serious

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Jade was taken by ambulance to St Vincent’s hospital, where a defibrillator was used to resuscitate her.

By the time she arrived at the hospital, Jade was losing consciousness, while doctors performed imaging tests on her head.

She also had blood tests and electrocardiograms, as well as tests of her heart rhythm.

In the days that followed, Jade was given injections in order to prevent blood clots from forming.

Did she suffer any after effects of being dead for a short time?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Doctors revealed to her that she had been pronounced dead for three minutes due to heat stroke.

In a revealing TikTok video, Jade shares her near-death experience and explains what she has gone through since then.

She says one of the anomalies of being dead is that she can’t wear watches because they stop working when she puts them on.

“I’ve also had a lot of spooky things happening, such as hearing voices and seeing things that aren’t there. Sometimes it’s been whispers or dark hazy figures,» she revealed.

Jade no longer fears death

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

«I don’t live in fear of death and I know that when my time comes, any fear will melt away like it did before,» she explained.

«The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that it is absolutely true what they say — the fear itself is always worse than the thing we actually fear.»

“I feel like I’m in a special club and it’s made me learn how to take better care of myself, as well as valuing life more,” she reiterated.

To see the video where Jade describes her near-death experience click HERE.

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