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Items you should never buy at Costco

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Did you know that there are some things you should never buy at Costco? Although Costco is one of the most popular stores in the world and has more than 110 million affiliated users, several of its former employees have stated on more than one occasion that, despite the attractive prices, customers could benefit from choosing other stores … at least for certain products.

Some of Costco’s main features are its wide variety, the wholesale prices and the price-quantity-quality ratio of food, kitchen products, and even clothing. But what are the items you should never buy at Costco? Here we tell you and you could save a lot of money!

5. Ground coffee

An image of coffee you can find at Costco

Before your visit to Costco, consider asking yourself: Do I really need that much coffee? If it is for personal use, it is best to buy it in a small or specialized store, where the coffee beans have been recently ground and the flavor will be fresh enough to please your palate.

Coffee is one of the products that former Costco employees recommend against buying, unless you need it for an office or event that will be attended by many people. It is true that the prices are usually attractive, especially if you need to buy in bulk, but if you want fresh coffee at home you may want to go elsewhere.

4. Don’t buy tires at Costco

Tires they could sell at Costco

Another of Costco’s benefits is that it offers guarantees and attractive prices on its own brand-name products, which include tires and other car accessories. However, those who have worked for the company strongly recommend going for name brand tires, even if the price is a bit higher.

When it comes to items in which your safety is at stake, such as tires, it’s ideal to spend a little more for a better quality product.

3. Toilet paper


Among the items you should never buy at Costco, at least according to experts on the subject, is generic brand toilet paper. It may be attractive to buy dozens of rolls at a seemingly affordable price, but will it actually perform as you imagine?

According to some users of the brand, Costco toilet paper is one of the worst investments, since it’s low quality and a little does not go a long way. Without a doubt, it is better to avoid generic toilet paper and opt for brands that offer better performance.

2. Costco baked goods


Among the things you should never buy at Costco, at least on a regular basis, are baked goods. This includes packages of cookies, bread, and bags of flour, unless you’re a professional baker or bakery owner.

Shopping experts say that it is not always optimal to get carried away by the low prices in the Costco bakery aisle since not all families are able to consume large quantities of bread and cookies before they go stale.

1. Books and office supplies


When the start of the school year approaches, it is common to want to buy packages of markers, paper, pens and other supplies. However, Costco is not exactly known for offering the best prices on office and school supplies — whether they are generic brands or not.

In addition to school supplies, it’s also recommended to avoid Costco’s book section. This is because, in addition to being limited, it does not offer better prices than other retailers such as Amazon, where it is possible to find special discounts and a much wider variety.

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