Inicio » English » It has ‘natural floats’! The hottest photos of Salma Hayek posing in a bikini (PHOTOS)

It has ‘natural floats’! The hottest photos of Salma Hayek posing in a bikini (PHOTOS)

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  • Salma Hayek is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood
  • Her impressive figure is constantly flaunted in a bikini
  • At 54 years old, the Mexican wears an enviable body for anyone

The actress Salma Hayek, has captivated the entire entertainment world for her beauty, the renowned artist is one of the most famous in cinema, especially in Hollywood, where she has shone in her career.

The Mexican has had outstanding participation in different films with top actors, such as Adam Sandler whom she considers a great friend, she has been a constant presence in the comedian’s films, one of the best known films was that of “They are like children.” .

But despite her acting talent, Salma Hayek has captivated viewers with her impressive physique, at 54 years old she continues to stir up passions on her account. Instagram, where she constantly shares images that show off her figure, especially when she poses for the camera in a bikini, where she leaves Internet users with their mouths open.

Below are the most ardent photos of the Mexican artist, who has shared on social networks, posing and showing off her figure in tiny, daring and sexy bikinis, according to Page Six.

Salma Hayek bikini


It should be remembered when the protagonist of the film Frida, appeared showing off her statuesque body in a sexy purple bikini, wearing a brown hat and a blouse that makes her look spectacular.

As the headline of the images, the actress took the opportunity to say goodbye to the year: “The last days of 2020. I have never been more grateful for being healthy and being in contact with nature,” said Salma in both English and Spanish.

Salma Hayek bikini 2


Another of the images where the Hollywood artist looks spectacular was one she shared to welcome the year 2021, where she captivates in a pool, with a two-piece brown swimsuit.

In the publication, the Mexican makes her breasts stand out by making a chain that hangs from her neck enter between her upper body, making her look sexier.


Continuing with the bikini photos of Salma Hayek, it was one that went online a few weeks ago where she looks very thoughtful and reflecting, but without neglecting sensuality.

Salma Hayek bikini 3


“We need to keep our cool. You have to keep calm “, with this phrase accompanied the image, which made several followers sigh, there Salma is sitting on the beach with a black bikini, but highlight that it is perfect.

“Hey, I’m just trying to put a smile on your face and make your day a little better, so check out my stories. Take care of yourself and have a beautiful life ahead of you ”,“ My dream body where I am on a diet ”,“ The most perfect woman in the world ”,“ My childhood crush still looks the same as when I was a child ”, were some of the Internet user comments.

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It is well known that the color red makes women look sexier, because in this case it was not the exception for our actress, since in this other image the celebrity appears with a one-piece swimsuit in red.


Here you can see the protagonist of the film Frida, lying on a net bed, which is on the water, next to some pillows for her comfort and sunglasses that make her look more mysterious.

Last but not least, we see Salma, as usual raising passions for the incredible poses she performs in each shared photo, this time she is in a pool poking her face and raising her breasts to the air.


The actress is wearing a one-piece bikini in black, which shows that age is just a number, even celebrities like Isabel Madow highlighted the beauty of the Latin artist.

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