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Israel Fuentes Jr and Johnny Turcios shot a child to death (PHOTOS)

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Two men shot a child to death (Photo: Departamento de Policía del Condado de Prince George)
  • Israel Fuentes Jr. and Johnny Turcios were captured.
  • Jeremy Poou Cáceres, two years old, died in a gunshot attack.
  • The Hispanics shot at a group of people in the street.

Israel Fuentes Jr. and Johnny Turcios were arrested in Hyattsville, Maryland, for the shooting death of a two-year-old boy.

The two-year-old boy Jeremy Poou Cáceres was badly injured along with his mother Rosa Cáceres in a brutal shooting attack at an apartment complex.

The detainees Israel Fuentes Jr., 33, and Johnny Alejandro Turcios, 28, were part of a group of four men who fired the shots.

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Photo: MundoNOW

The entire Hispanic community in Hyattsville, Maryland, is full of pain and rage after the absurd murder of the little boy with his mother.

Mrs. Rosa Cáceres, whose age the authorities did not reveal, survived the brutal attack perpetrated by Israel Fuentes Jr. and Johnny Turcios.

Authorities in Hyattsville, Maryland, continue searching for the other two alleged perpetrators in the irrational murder of the little boy.

The Prince George’s County Police Department (PGCPD), reported the arrest of the Hispanics.

Patrols responded to a call of a shooting

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PHOTO: Special for MundoNow.

However, at the time of writing this story, authorities have not yet revealed the motive behind the crime perpetrated by the group of Hispanics.

According to the PGCPD last Thursday, February 8, 2024, the emergency number received calls alerting of a shooting.

Several officers were dispatched to an apartment complex at 1400 Kanawha Street, name not given, to investigate the incident.

When the agents arrived they found a real commotion among the neighbors, because the little boy Jeremy Poou Cáceres was badly wounded by gunshots.

The boy’s mother survived the hail of bullets

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PHOTO: Prince George’s County Police Department.

Next to Jeremy was also his badly injured mother Rosa Cáceres. At that time the names of Israel Fuentes Jr. and Johnny Turcios were not known.

An off-duty PGPD officer was the first to arrive at the scene because he was near the scene and heard the noise of gunshots.

Paramedics in Hyattsville, Maryland, emergency transported the child Jeremy Poou Cáceres and his mother Rosa Cáceres to an area hospital.

However, when the little boy was already in the emergency room, the doctors could not save his life and he was declared dead from the gunshots.

With her son in her arms, the woman tried to escape the shooting

Hispanics, Shooting, Weapons, Shock, Death
PHOTO: US Marshals.

The doctors were able to save the life of Mrs. Rosa Cáceres. It is not yet known if her troubled mother has been informed of the death of her little son.

After the wild shooting, detectives from the Homicide Division of the PGCPD and thanks to several investigations, various witnesses, forensic evidence and videos, were able to arrest Israel Fuentes Jr. and Johnny Turcios.

According to the PGCPD investigation, a gold or sand-colored van arrived in front of the apartment complex where there were several people gathered.

The shooters got out of the truck and without saying a word, began to unload their weapons against that group of people in the street.

There are still two shooters who remain fugitives

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Israel Fuentes and Johnny Turcios arrested after cruel crime-PHOTO: US Marshals.

In the midst of the hail of gunshots, Mrs. Rosa Cáceres took her little boy Jeremy Poou Cáceres and tried to escape by running down the street.

However, in the brutal attack several bullets hit Rosa Cáceres and Jeremy Poou and then the shooters escaped.

On Friday, February 9, 2024, Israel Fuentes Jr. and Johnny Turcios were arrested as the first two alleged perpetrators of the crime.

PGPD detectives in Hyattsville, Maryland, continue searching for the other two accomplices in the brutal shooting in which the little boy died.

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