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Is Wendy Guevara’s boyfriend expecting a baby? A video of the supposed ultrasound is posted on TikTok

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  • Is Wendy Guevara’s boyfriend expecting a baby?
  • Did Marlon Colmenarez cheat on her while she’s on La Casa de los Famosos México?
  • Supposed evidence appears on TikTok.

Once again Wendy Guevara is embroiled in a scandal on social media. Since becoming a contestant on La Casa de los Famosos México, she has been involved in various controversies. Now it has been said that her boyfriend is about to become a father.

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Is Wendy Guevara’s boyfriend about to be a father?

Wendy Guevara's boyfriend.
Photo: Courtesy Televisa

Wendy Guevara has become the favorite on La Casa de los Famosos by being totally transparent with her fellow houseguests, in addition to her antics on the reality show. Now after the beloved influencer sent him a message from inside the house, she could be getting some bad news.

Everything indicates that Wendy Guevara’s boyfriend, Marlon could be about to become a father. There is a TikTok video claiming to show an ultrasound and friends of La Perdida came out to tell the truth.

Did Marlon Colmenarez cheat on Wendy?

Wendy Guevara's boyfriend.
Photo: Courtesy Televisa

During her time in the most famous house on Hispanic television, Wendy has confessed to deeply missing Marlon Colmenarez, It is worth mentioning that more than once it has been rumored that Wendy and Marlon are in a relationship, although they claim they’re just friends. We even saw how the Venezuelan model sent a helicopter that dropped roses and some soup for the influencer as a sign of support.

Since then nothing has been heard from him, which is why Wendy asked that Marlon send her another message because she misses him very much. While this is happening, there have been rumors swirling online that he’s seeing other people. But that is not all. The bombshell news dropped that he could be expecting a baby.

The alleged evidence that Wendy Guevara’s boyfriend is expecting a baby

They show the alleged evidence
Photo: Courtesy Televisa

Well, it turns out that the Venezuelan model shared a photo on Instagram stories that unleashed a tremendous scandal. The photo shows a closet full of baby clothes as well as an ultrasound where he confirmed a pregnancy. The story is no longer available but it’s been shared in a TikTok video as well.

«Wendy despises Nico and treats him badly because she spends her time dreaming of Marlon and he is happy with life with his baby, someone is going to yell at him, please wake up,» it reads on TikTok. The Venezuelan broke his silence saying: “Speaking of being a father, I am going to tell you quickly. You are wrong in the head, not because I shared a story of a child’s closet and say, ‘What an emotion,’ I am going to be a father, they are wrong.»

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