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Did Toni Costa give his girlfriend an engagement ring? (PHOTOS)

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  • Rumors circulate that Adamari’s ex is engaged.
  • Toni Costa gave a ring to his girlfriend.
  • Adamari sends a hint supposedly aimed at her ex!

Toni Costa engagement ring. Spanish dancer Toni Costa and his girlfriend, Mexican Evelyn Beltrán have never hidden their love. At first, the couple was making sure things were going well, so they were more discreet about their relationship.

However, over the last several months we have seen Adamari López’s ex-partner looking in love and happy with his new girlfriend. Now, some images emerged of them wearing mysterious rings which could mean that they are possibly engaged. Find out how Adamari reacted!

Rumors that Toni Costa is engaged!

Toni Costa engagement ring
PHOTO: Instagram

La Mesa Caliente posted pictures of Evelyn Beltrán and Toni Costa on Instagram on two different occasions. Both were wearing striking rings which led to rumors that they’re engaged.

Thousands of fans of the Spanish dancer began to speculate that he may have already gave Evelyn an engagement ring. He was previously engaged to Adamari López, however the couple never got married. Filed Under: Toni Costa Engagement Ring

Are fans rooting for Toni?

Toni Costa engagement ring
PHOTO: Instagram

It could be that the couple is wearing promise rings. However this is also speculation. The truth is both Evelyn and Toni were showing off their rings.

Internet users were quite divided, as many dislike this relationship, while others fully support them: “I hope so, they make a very nice couple.” “It is perfect for him, because men are intimidated with a woman with status and money, Adamari is at her best.” “I’m glad for him, he deserves to be happy with a woman who loves him and values ​​him, money is not everything,» said some Instagram users. Filed Under: Toni Costa Engagement Ring

Adamari reacts!

PHOTO: Instagram

The Hoy Día host posted a rather peculiar reel the same day that rumors of Toni’s alleged engagement to his girlfriend began to spread and the description read as follows: «Gentlemen are giving work at the post office, to you who have experience carrying and delivering.”

This could have been a hint to her ex-boyfriend, since it is not the first time that Adamari López has ‘thrown stones’ at Tony Costa. People have already told her to get over the situation, however she has replied that it is nothing personal, because she does it for fun. (WATCH VIDEO) Filed Under: Toni Costa Engagement Ring

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