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They say that Ninel Conde could be married again and show the alleged proof

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Is Ninel Conde married? (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Is Ninel Conde married again?
  • Speculation surrounds the singer.
  • Reactions on social media.

The love life of the renowned singer and also actress, Ninel Conde, has been the subject of media attention over the years.

However, an unexpected rumor has recently emerged suggesting that the 47-year-old celebrity could have gotten married once again.

It was publicly known that the interpreter was single, since she has not been seen nor has she been related to anyone.

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This became a situation that has caught the attention of many and even more so when a document that would affirm the nuptial union began to circulate.

It is speculated that it would have been on November 16, 2023 that the also known ‘Bombón Asesino’ apparently would have gotten married.

Since Conde became famous in the mid-nineties, she has been publicly talked about for her romantic relationships.

The first love she met in the world of entertainment was the actor Ari Telch, with whom she had her first marriage that lasted two years and with whom she had her daughter Sofía.

Ninel Conde in the middle of the controversy

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Photo: Mezcalent

Another of the famous people with whom she was related was the singer José Manuel Figueroa, with whom she had a four-year relationship.

This romance was highly covered in the media and attracted attention due to the intensity of both, but this relationship did not prosper.

Several years after their breakup, Ninel said that their love ended due to various infidelities on the part of Joan Sebastian’s son.

In 2007, the actress married for the second time with businessman Juan Zepeda, with whom she was married for six years.

Marriage rumors arise

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Photo: Mezcalent

But the relationship foundered after it was discovered that Zepeda allegedly defrauded his then-wife out of several hundred thousand dollars.

After the disappointment she experienced, the Mexican television star gave herself a new chance at love with Giovanni Medina in 2013, the year she separated from Zepeda.

In 2020, the Mexican met the Colombian businessman Larry Ramos, but as expected, this relationship was not successful either.

Now, they have assured that the singer and actress has married for a fourth time, and they even showed the proof that would confirm all the suspicions.

Speculations about the new union

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Ninel Conde would be married again-Photo: Mezcalent

Although different media have confirmed that Ninel Conde ‘is getting married’ for the fourth time, the reality is that it would be the third time.

This is because there was no marriage involved with Giovanni Medina, but they only lived together and had a child.

The news has generated a considerable stir in media circles and among the artist’s followers on social media.

Despite the comments and speculation, Ninel has not made any public statements on the matter, keeping any details about her personal life secret.

Reactions on social media

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Ninel Conde would be married. Photo: Mezcalent

Through the ‘Chico farándula’ account within the popular social media Instagram, the supposed document confirming the suspicions was shown.

In a license information sheet, the marital status of the interpreter of ‘No vales la pena’ appears that she is married and that it was on November 16, 2023. .

Given the news, the reactions in social media appeared immediately: «You should see your son instead of searching.»

«Another drug dealer?», «The only thing she was missing», said users. HERE the photo of the document and HERE a video.

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