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Is Maribel Guardia retiring after Julián Figueroa’s death?

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¿Maribel Guardia se retira tras la muerte de Julián Figueroa?
  • Is Maribel Guardia retiring from acting?
  • She is mourning the death of her only son.
  • Julián Figueroa died on Sunday, April 9.

After the painful loss that Maribel Guardia suffered with the death of her son Julián Figueroa, people are wondering if she will retire from acting.

Maribel Guardia is involved in a theater project called Lagunilla, Mi Barrio, the same play she was doing the day that Julián Figueroa died. She heard the news when she finished performing that night

Is Maribel Guardia retiring after Julián’s death?

Maribel Guardia retires after Julián's death?
PHOTO: Instagram

Maribel Guardia was performing in the play Lagunilla, Mi Barrio on April 9, the same night that Julián Figueroa died. She found out after her performance at the Teatro 2 Cultural Center in Mexico City.

Despite her terrible pain, the show must go on and Maribel Guardia has always been a consummate professional. Telemundo reports that a statement by InfoMedios Tijuana on Instagram says that the actress will not throw in the towel and will continue appearing in the play.

Maribel is not retiring

Maribel will continue on tour for the play
PHOTO: Instagram

InfoMedios Tijuana deleted the Instagram post about the play. However, according to Telemundo, the announcement stated that Maribel Guardia will not abandon her role.

«Through this statement, the media and the general public are informed that Mrs. Maribel Guardia has confirmed her participation in the play Lagunilla Mi Barrio, in the performances scheduled for April 19 in Mexicali, and April 20 in Tijuana,» the now-deleted statement said.

The statement empathized with Maribel’s pain

The statement empathized with the situation the actress is going through
PHOTO: Instagram

In addition to announcing Maribel’s continued participation in the play, the Instagram post also empathized the terrible pain she is experiencing.

«Thanking in advance for all the support that has been given to her for the terrible situation she is going through,» the statement said. So despite her loss, Maribel will continue to perform.

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