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They claim that Piqué could be cheating on Clara Chía with a chef

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Is Gerard Piqué cheating, Player, Soccer, MundoNow, News
Is Gerard Piqué cheating? (Photos: Getty Images/Shutterstock)
  • Is Gerard Piqué cheating on Clara Chía with his chef?
  • Javier Ceriani Reveals Secrets.
  • Questions About Love Life.

Gerard Piqué, the celebrated former FC Barcelona player, has once again become the center of controversy in the entertainment world.

This comes after his breakup with the famous Colombian singer Shakira, which sparked significant discussion on social media.

However, it’s not the split itself that has caused a media frenzy, but rather the allegations of infidelity that have entangled him in a romantic scandal.

Piqué’s supposed infidelity reportedly involved Clara Chía Martí, a 24-year-old woman who is now known as his new girlfriend.

Is Gerard Piqué cheating?

Gerard Piqué unfaithful chef, Clara Chía, Shakira, celebrities, MundoNOW
Gerard Piqué is unfaithful with a chef PHOTO: Getty Images

This unexpected turn in the former soccer player’s life has unleashed a wave of criticism and comments on social media.

However, the plot thickens as rumors suggest that Piqué might be repeating past behavioral patterns.

Less than a year and a half after making his relationship with Clara official, he now faces allegations of being involved in a new romantic entanglement with an enigmatic individual.

This latest development in the former player’s love saga has captivated the specialized press, who are incessantly speculating about the intricacies of his romantic endeavors.

Javier Ceriani breaks the silence

Javier Ceriani, Gossip No Like, footballer, MundoNOW
Gerard Piqué is unfaithful with a chef PHOTO: Shutterstock

It was through the entertainment program ‘Amor y Fuego’ that new alleged details of the former player’s infidelity were revealed.

According to presenter Javier Ceriani, Piqué is rumored to be involved in a clandestine relationship with someone close to Clara Chía Martí.

This secret purportedly came to light during an intense altercation between Shakira and the 24-year-old during a recent visit by the singer to Barcelona.

Ceriani claims to have received this information through his personal connection with the individual allegedly romantically linked to Piqué, identifying her as one of the former soccer player’s chefs.

Piqué’s adventure with his chef

Gerard Piqué, Clara Chía, Shakira, unfaithful, MundoNOW
Gerard Piqué is unfaithful with a chef PHOTO: Getty Images

Ceriani stated, «It seems that Clara Chía’s demeanor was aggressive, and she allegedly yelled «decrepit old woman» at Shakira, almost provoking a physical altercation.»

«All of this supposedly occurred inside the house of Shakira’s former in-laws, which is situated behind the singer’s house. That’s where the confrontation took place,» he added on ‘Chisme No Like.’

This revelation has introduced a new layer of complexity to Piqué’s already tangled emotional situation, leaving the audience craving further information.

A cloud of uncertainty now looms over Gerard Piqué, with Ceriani stoking the fires by implying that the former footballer’s true character is yet to be fully revealed.

Explosive Revelations and Secret Relationships

Clara Chía, infidelity, singer, soccer player, MundoNOW
Gerard Piqué is unfaithful with a chef PHOTO: Getty Images

«How do we know this? When I visited Piqué’s apartment in Barcelona, I encountered the chef who betrayed Shakira,» she revealed.

«Well, this chef filmed her crying and sent the footage to Clara Chía. This suggests that there were informants on both sides,» Javier Ceriani stated.

«This chef, a young man, ended up working with Piqué. I’m not sure if he’s involved with Piqué or what his feelings are towards him,» he commented further.

«Piqué has diverse interests; he likes to dabble here and there, turning every which way, north and south. The truth is, many things have yet to come to light,» he concluded.»

Gerard Piqué’s sexual orientation

Player, singer, infidelity, celebrities, MundoNOW
Gerard Piqué is unfaithful with a chef PHOTO: Shutterstock

In the midst of this media storm, Gerard Piqué faces not only the repercussions of his actions but also the deterioration of his public image.

From being a soccer icon to becoming the central figure in a romantic drama, his life has turned into a series of scandals.

It’s important to note that Gerard Piqué’s sexual orientation has been a subject of discussion on television programs and social networks on several occasions.

This includes the time he was photographed alongside the soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a manner that sparked considerable speculation, as reported by the portal El Tiempo. CLICK TO SEE THE VIDEO.

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