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Is Bobby Pulido gay?

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Is Bobby Pulido gay? (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Is Bobby Pulido gay?
  • He’s rumored to be dating Javier Alatorre.
  • Support for the LGBT+ community.

Throughout his nearly 30-year career, José Roberto Pulido Jr has faced a persistent rumor that just won’t go away.

On social media, there’s talk that the ‘Desvelado’ singer has a «secret.»

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In other words, many people believe that singer Bobby Pulido is gay. Is it true?

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Over the weekend rumors began to resurface on X that Bobby Pulido is gay.

The popular singer allegedly had a relationship with Javier Alatorre.

Alatorre, who has been a host of Hechos since 1994, has never openly discussed his sexual orientation.

«Hunting for the gossip that Bobby Pulido and Javier Alatorre were lovers. Tonight on Hechos,» wrote Aunt Sandra on her X account.

Some claim Bobby Pulido was in love with Selena

singer, USA, José Roberto Pulido Jr, Texas, MundoNOW, Bobby Pulido gay
Is Bobby Pulido gay? / PHOTO: Mezcalent

Although there is no evidence confirming the alleged relationship between Javier Alatorre and Bobby Pulido, social media users shared their opinions.

The singer did not fare will in the rumor mill.

«It is said that he enjoyed Bobby’s ‘Texan anaconda.'» «Bobby Pulido’s little worm, they say.» «But I saw a video saying he was ‘in love’ with Selena.»

On the other hand, one person commented that the artist is too attractive to be heterosexual. «So, enjoy, Javier.»

The singer was sexually harassed by a celebrity

Bobby Pulido gay, interview, Primer Impacto, confession, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

In an interview with Primer Impacto, Bobby Pulido said that a ‘famous’ gay man sexually harassed him.

The singer recalled that a very influential person in media called him one night while he was on tour.

«He called me to invite me to his hotel, to his room, and I was in another room in the same hotel,» commented the artist.

Bobby claimed he told the man that he didn’t play for his team and that he wasn’t interested. Is he telling the truth?

Bobby Pulido’s refusal brought serious consequences

Desvelado, Te voy a amar, El cazador, Siempre pensando en ti, MundoNOW
Is PHOTO: Mezcalent

Furthermore, Bobby Pulido revealed that saying no to this ‘famous’ gay man brought him problems that affected his music career.

«He started writing things in a major newspaper saying or insinuating that I was gay. I think he was upset that I didn’t do it,» he expressed.

But this story didn’t end here, as the singer claims that years later he was able to confront his harasser.

«Many years later I had to greet him and everything, cordial and fine. Obviously, it’s in the back of my mind, but what are you going to do? I didn’t like it, it’s over,» he said.

Bobby Pulido supports the LGBTQ+ community

support, inclusion, music video, gay couple, MundoNOW
Is Bobby Pulido gay? / PHOTO: Mezcalent

Just last year, Bobby Pulido released the music video for the song ‘Para Que Baile Mi Pueblo,’ where he includes a gay couple enjoying his music.

The video is close to reaching one million views with comments of all kinds from users.

With this, the artist born in Edinburg, Texas, joins artists who support the LGBT+ community.

«What is done with love is always well done,» commented a fan.

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