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Irina Baeva delivers her wedding invitation to the ‘Despierta América’ hosts

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  • Are Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto finally getting married?
  • The actress makes an unexpected announcement on Despierta América.
  • Irina Baeva is attacked for delivering her undated wedding invitation.

Controversy surrounding Irina Baeva and soap star Gabriel Soto has resurfaced because, since it was announced that their wedding would be canceled, hundreds are speculating about their relationship on social media.

Rumors about the breakup between the Russian actress and the soap opera heartthrob have been swirling for some time. It has even been suggested infidelity was a factor in Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto splitting. Now the Me declaró culpable star has clarified the rumors.

Irina Baeva makes a surprising announcement about her wedding

Irina Baeva wedding invitation
Photo: Instagram

It is not a secret that celebrities enjoy sharing details of their lives on social media and their fans love to see everything they do.

A video began to circulate on Instagram where the Russian actress finally addressed rumors about her relationship with Gabriel Soto. This happened during her visit to Despierta América, where she brought an invitation to her wedding. Filed Under: Irina Baeva wedding invitation

The Russian actress confirms suspicions about her romance with Gabriel Soto

Irina Baeva wedding invitation
Photo: Instagram

Irina Baeva is a guest host on the Univisión morning show sharing the screen with Karla Martínez, Raúl González, Francisca and Alan Tacher, to name a few. On Monday the actress shared that she and Gabriel Soto have not been able to set an exact date for her wedding due to outside circumstances.

«When they ask me when the wedding is going to be even when it’s close people, really, it’s something that even we don’t know how to answer,» Irina Baeva said during the broadcast on Monday, February 6. But just on Wednesday the 8th, she finally addressed the rumors.

Irina Baeva delivers her wedding invitation to the Despierta América hosts

Irina Baeva wedding invitation
Photo: Instagram

«I brought you a gift,» Irina Baeva told Alan Tacher on Despierta América Wednesday, February 8. The gorgeous actress delivered her wedding invitation to the host of the Univisión morning show while Francisca screamed.

«Look, since you weren’t there, you were in Los Angeles, I can’t leave it like that, it’s time, you can sleep peacefully,» added the soap opera actress. She also shared that they haven’t set a date. Filed Under: Irina Baeva wedding invitation

Irina Baeva confirms that she’s marrying Gabriel Soto

The actress confirms that she will marry Gabriel Soto
Photo: Instagram

«We still do not have a date, but we already have the first invitation officially delivered, the intention is what counts,» the actress said that she hopes that her wedding with Gabriel Soto will take place this year, though for various reasons they have not been able to set a date.

As expected, people immediately commented: «They are going to be dressed and upset with a false invitation.» «Mocking the girl.» «How horrible, she only talks about the wedding.» “Fool.” “This is already a circus.”  TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

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