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iPhone charger recall due to serious risk of electric shock and fire

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  • If you have an iPhone charger be careful.
  • They report failures in chargers for several versions of iPhones.
  • Recall due to risk of shock and fire.

When we go to a store, we always hope to find the best product at an affordable price, but sometimes we don’t know what we are taking home. An urgent recall was recently reported on a popular brand cell phone charger because it could cause severe damage.

In a new product recall, it was reported that the charger for iPhones 13, 13 mini, 13 pro, 13 pro max, 12, 12 mini, 12 pro, 12 pro max, 11, SE 2020 has been reported as harmful and could harm users.

Recall for iPhone charger

iPhone charger recall
Photo: Twitter

The charger that has been recalled was being sold through Amazon’s online store. The reason it was discontinued is because it poses a «serious risk» of electric shock and fire. The charger is not a genuine apple product.

The damage that has been reported is due to the poor-quality pins in the plug since they are not the correct size, according to recent reports published through the portal of the British newspaper The Sun. Purchasers are urged not to use the charger. Filed Under: iPhone Charger Recall.

The accessory may create a risk of electric shock and fire.

iPhone charger recall
Photo: Twitter

It was the Office of Product Safety and Standards that issued an official warning, saying that the product does not meet the standards of safe power supply. Amazon appears to have removed the product from its website, but anyone who has already purchased it is urged to stop using the accessory immediately.

According to The Sun, the item is made by a Chinese company called AXIULOO, which has no association with the Apple chain. The full name of the charger is ‘AXIULOO 20W USB C Fast Charger Plug’.

Amazon removes it from its site

iPhone charger recall
Photo: Instagram

To be sure that the product you purchased is not the charger that can start fires, you can check your Amazon order records with the following code: B08NTJ7XHP.

Giuseppe Capanna, product safety engineer for the Electrical Safety First charity, told The Sun exclusively that “if you own this product, stop using it immediately. This charger not only presents a very real risk of electric shock, the product has also been linked to a fire.” Filed Under: iPhone Charger Recall.

They claim that it is a pirated product

They claim that it is a pirated product
Photo: Instagram

The exact number of people who bought it is unknown, but almost 6,000 reviews were left on Amazon before it was withdrawn from the market. Several experts have even urged users on more than one occasion not to buy cheap imitations online to avoid damage.

The official warning reads: “The product poses a serious risk of electric shock as the mains plug does not meet the dimensional requirements of BS 1363. The line width and neutral pins were found to be outside the required limits of 6.22mm to 6.48mm. There has also been a known fire caused by the product.» With information from The Sun, CPSCGOV. Filed Under: iPhone Charger Recall.

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