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The day Marlene Calderón called Gloria Trevi a ‘criminal’

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Marlene Calderón called Gloria Trevi a “criminal”, singer, accusations
Interview with Marlene Calderón (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Marlene Calderón called Gloria Trevi a «criminal».
  • An interview with the former backup singer resurfaces.
  • She tells the truth about the Trevi-Andrade clan scandal.

An interview with Marlene Calderón, former backup singer for Gloria Trevi, where she tells the truth about the Trevi-Andrade clan scandal, resurfaces.

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Interview with Marlene Calderón where she calls Gloria Trevi a criminal

Marlene Calderón, criminal Gloria Trevi, Gloria Trevi, former chorus girl Gloria Trevi, MundoNOW
Photo Mezcalent

We take a look at the time Marlene Calderón called the ‘Esa Hembra es Mala’ and ‘Todos Me Mira’ singer a criminal.

The recording of Gloria Trevi’s former  backup singer talking about about the Trevi-Andrade clan scandal is circulating on social media.

«Please don’t let her be so important, how can I be envious of a criminal?» were Marlene’s words at the beginning of the interview.

«Well, to begin with, I don’t know what demon she entrusted himself to, because not everything that glitters is gold,» she continues.

Marlene Calderón breaks her silence

Gloria Trevi, Marlene Calderón, former showgirl Gloria Trevi, singer, MundoNOW
Photo Mezcalent

It should be noted that Gloria Trevi’s former backup singer did not frequently give statements of this type, and at that moment she revealed the whole truth.

In an interview with Marlene Calderón, she began to attack the singer, saying that she was very manipulative with all the young women who sang with her at her concerts.

«She’s very good at manipulating, she’s very glib, she did what she did for a reason,» said Marlene about her experience with the singer.

«For some reason none of them would go away, when one of the girls proposed that to me I almost ran out of there,» added the former backup vocalist.

Marlene lashes out at Gloria

Gloria Trevi, criminal Gloria Trevi, Marlene Calderón, Marlene Calderón interview, MundoNOW

Marlene Calderón stated that the singer manipulated all of her backup singers, because she was mentally ill.

«But Gloria arrived and no one could resist her with her stories, because she was the one who put everything together,» she said in the interview.

«She was already the brain. She controlled the girls based on lies, based on manipulation — that is difficult for me to understand right now,» she added.

«She knew what she was doing, but because she is mentally ill and she became a person who was a victim. It was unfair that they let her free, or rather that there was no evidence,» she said.

Marlene also attacks Gloria Trevi’s fans in the interview

Sergio Andrade, backup, ellas soy yo, MundoNOW

«I don’t understand all the people who follow her, maybe they are very ignorant, maybe they are those people like us when we were girls who believe everything they say,» she added.

Also, Marlene made it clear that the Mexican singer shed crocodile tears because she’s an actress.

Calderón also shared that the singer cried to her and to other girls who were victims of Sergio Andrade.

«It was their motto, it no longer mattered if there was a girl with talent or not.» TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

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