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Geekapital: Juan Mannuel Torreblanca talks to MundoNOW about the Óyenos Audio podcast

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Interview Juan Manuel Torreblanca, Geekapital, Geek World, Science Fiction, Music, Podcast- Entrevista Juan Mannuel Torreblanca, Geekapital, Mundo Geek, Ciencia ficción, Música, Podcast
Interview with Juan Manuel Torreblanca about Geekapital (Photo: MundoNOW)
  • Interview with Juan Manuel Torreblanca.
  • «Geekapital» Podcast Available.
  • Covers Pop Culture Topics.

In the bustling heart of Geekapital, four masterminds gather to unveil the deepest and most fascinating secrets of the geek universe.

With a unique combination of expert wisdom, incisive analysis, and a touch of humor, the project promises to satisfy the cravings of the most ardent fans.

It also opens the doors to a world of discoveries for those who venture into its domains, where passion meets knowledge and adventure awaits at every corner.

This new project by Óyenos Audio will be led by four unique members.

Geekapital: A Journey from Science Fiction to Music

Experience, Measurements, Challenges, Science Fiction, Classics, Interview with Juan Manuel Torreblanca
Interview Juan Manuel Torreblanca on Geekapital – Photo: Shutterstock

Now, one of them spoke exclusively to MundoNOW about how promising this new podcast is.

It’s Juan Manuel Torreblanca ‘JuanMa’, a true guru of the audiovisual world and director of post-production.

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‘JuanMa’ has more than 25 years of experience in content creation across all existing digital platforms.

Now, he delves a bit more into Geekapital, one of the most recent podcasts by Óyenos Audio.

When sharing what attracted him to this podcast, he pointed out that: «It’s an incredible project! Three things made me fall in love with the project».

«First, geek culture is the new contemporary mythology, where we acquire our values and notions of good and evil,» he mentioned.

«Second, my colleagues are experts on these topics, devouring content with a wisdom that always invites you to keep listening, reading, or playing,» he said.

«And third, they are my friends. I love spending time with them and hearing their opinions on a series, a comic, a game, or a movie,» added ‘JuanMa’.

Regarding the experience that influences the way topics are addressed within the podcast, Juan Manuel revealed the following:

«We are four professionals with experience in different areas: a university professor, a professional chef, a surgeon, and an audiovisual producer,» he said.

«This diversity allows us to have very enriched viewpoints and feed back from that diversity,» stated the podcast host.

«Presenting topics that interest all lovers of geek culture, but in a unique version,» he added to his statements.

Moreover, the podcast offers a critical and profound analysis of geek culture, from science fiction to technology.

«It’s very hard to choose just one topic! With them, everything turns into a pitched battle over the smallest details,» Torreblanca commented.

«In particular, I have loved discussing the future of major icons of popular culture, from Barbie to music,» he added.

«Today, we are all influenced by pop culture. Devices with access to information allow us to connect with a wide audience,» he said.

It is worth mentioning that Geekapital has been described as a «metropolis of science, fantasy, and technology.»

«Everything becomes an opportunity to learn something. All science begins as fiction,» revealed Juan Manuel Torreblanca for MundoNOW.

«Geek culture is the blueprint with which we build the future, and the characters represent the values we take to that future. It’s wonderful,» he commented.

«Incredible programs are coming with magnificent ideological leaps. We’ll talk about toys, music, killer robots, movies, comics, superheroes, etc,» he added.

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Photo: MundoNOW

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