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La Huella OVNI: A Chat with José Alberto Marengo

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José Alberto Marengo, Alien, Extraterrestre, MundoNow, Podcast
Shutterstock, José alberto Marengo Interview
  • José Alberto Marengo han an interview with La Huella OVNI.
  • He talks about his beginnings in the UFO mystery and how unsure he was about it.
  • He speaks about UFOs and their special capabilities.

In a talk conducted by Jorge Luis Sucksdorf, he spoke with the Argentine scientist, José Alberto Marengo.

This man, whose ideas and knowledge have avoided traditional documentaries due to their hardness, shed light on the possibility that certain aerial phenomena challenge our understanding of physics and technology.

For a long time, this chat was hidden, but now offers an exclusive insight into his thoughts and experiences.

Marengo told Sucksdorf about his student days when he was a strong skeptic of unidentified aerial phenomena.

José Alberto Marengo Interview

Night, Sky, Stars, Galaxy, MundoNow

He was in his last year of high school, getting ready to go to the science department at the university. But a classmate, who was a year older, told him he was wrong.

Using basic science ideas, this friend made Marengo think differently and showed him new things.

After that, Marengo started learning a lot about mysterious flying things in the sky. This made him think hard about science and ask new questions.

Marengo told Sucksdorf it’s amazing how fast these flying things can go.

The Speed of UFOs

Sea shore, Sand, Sunset, Clouds, MundoNow

When people first talked about them, they said these things flew really fast.

Marengo said that today, some people think these objects can go really far in the sky.

Thinking about it with what we know about science, it’s surprising. Going that fast close to the ground, things should break because of the thick air and heat.

Even if these things were built in a special way, it’s hard to think how they don’t get damaged.

The Silence Marengo Hears

UFO, Field, Lake, Clouds, MundoNow

Marengo explained to Sucksdorf about the big quietness from these aerial things.

Unlike normal planes that are loud because of their speed and engines, these objects fly quietly.

Before, some experts said, «If they’re quiet, they aren’t real.»

But over time, many stories proved this wrong.

The Challenge of Science with the UFO Mystery

UFOs, Sky, Clouds, Sea, MundoNow

Marengo said that today, people get how these objects can be so quiet.

This makes us ask even more questions about how they work.

A big question in normal science is how these objects go so fast, change ways, and make moves without problems. Natural to all things is being pulled by Earth.

But these flying things don’t seem affected. They move super fast and don’t seem bothered by the natural pulls.

Physics and Flying Saucers

UFO, Light, Clouds, MundoNow, Podcast

Marengo and Sucksdorf talked about how these things make us question our science beliefs.

He told Sucksdorf that science changes, and sometimes we mix up beliefs with big truths.

These beliefs are old ideas we think are always true. But science gets better by asking questions and looking for new answers.

In his work, he has asked hard questions and thinks that big science truths might not say UFOs are impossible. We just need to think more.

Difference in Speed of UFOs

Speed, MundoNow, UFO, Interview, Podcast

To finish the interview with José Alberto Marengo, he clarified to Sucksdorf about the difference between kinematic acceleration and dynamic acceleration.

While the former is theoretical and refers to dimensionless points, the latter involves real objects with mass.

Conventional propulsion systems are constrained by inertia, as any acceleration induces an opposing and equivalent force.

However, these aerial phenomena seem to surpass these constraints.

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La Huella Ovni
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