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Instead of wishing him luck for Tu Cara Me Suena, they call Francisca Lachapel a transvestite (PHOTO)

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FOTO Mezcalent
  • They attack Francisca Lachapel, after posting a photo of her on the Instagram of the Un Nuevo Día program, they call her a transvestite.
  • She is not spared, despite being Francisca Lachapel’s favorite, they continue to attack her.
  • Conflict between her and the Mexican actress Angélica Vale?

In the midst of Francisca Lachapel’s

debut in Tu Cara Me Suena, the new Univisión program, she was mercilessly attacked in the account of Instagram of the morning program Despierta América, they told him transvestite.

This new show, which premiered this Sunday, will consist of each of the celebrities having to dress up to characterize emblematic musicians, where each week they will interpret different artists. Francisca will be along with other celebrities such as Pablo Montero, Sandra Echeverría, Angélica Vale and Chantal Andere.

However and despite being one of the favorite and most beloved hosts of the morning program Despierta América, The comments on a photo published on the social networks of the morning show were immediate, where there was even a person who mistook the Dominican for a transvestite.

They attack Francisca Lachapel

Source: Instagram. Despierta América. In the photograph published by the official Instagram of the Despierta América program of Univisión, Francisca Lachapel can be seen posing with an orange fitted dress and with the following description: “Everyone tonight to support @franciscalachapel in the first program from @tucaramesuenaus Who would you like me to characterize? » and quickly the comments did not wait.

“Very good, Univision has many talents. And many hollow covers. I love that they no longer have the asymptottes of fashion, millennia and many who do not produce anything (without talent). Thank you Univision for changing and improving our Hispanic television, «wrote a follower to the television network.

You can also see various comments that highlight the beauty of the Dominican, where some even say that she is much prettier than Clarissa Molina, her compatriot and host of the program El Gordo y la Flaca.

«Beautiful friend, blessings», «beautiful, from the DR we give you all the cheers», «many congratulations and many successes Francisca», «you are the best, many successes», «Francisca you have a gift, you are a being of light, no listen to the negative words «,» God, what a beauty of a woman, you are incredibly beautiful, wildly sensual and your body a delicacy of the gods «, were other comments.

However, not everyone strongly agreed that Francisca Lachapel was on this show, calling her talentless and even a transvestite.

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They attack Francisca Lachapel: “Why do you insist on putting her on your programs, this girl has no talent, she is super ordinary. Send her to take courses in English, diction, stage performance and many other things. All the time she applauds her speeches, she doesn’t know how to control her hands. Hire professional people, not improvised people, ”a follower attacked the driver.

Another left without further ado and even a transvestite called her: “Don’t stain, he looks like a transvestite, look at the veins in his hands, his face sounds like a man to me,” wrote another user accompanied by a laughing face emoji.

“It looks like a cinnamon stick, but without seasoning”, “so many arrangements in those photos that it looks like another”, “What laziness !!!!”, “too much filter and it looks like the maid”, “the dress is terrible, there was no finer fabric ”,“ copying programs, how lazy ”, they commented on the photo.

Also «entered the conversation» the Mexican actress Angélica Vale, who will be in charge of helping the participants to characterize themselves.

Image taken from Mezclent

«Francisca is going to give a tremendous surprise to shut up Angélica Vale, they’ll see tonight.»

To which the responses to this comment were not far behind.

«What happens to these Mexicans with Francisca Lachapel, look that we Dominicans recognize that in Mexico there are good artists, I do not understand why they have to speak like this.»

«What a comparison to yours,» someone else wrote.

They attack Francisca Lachapel

Source: Instagram. Wake up America

Filed Under: Francisca Lachapel transvestite

«What a comparison to yours, Francisca has her thing, but to compare her with Angélica Vale? You go over there ”, wrote another netizen about the resemblance of Francisca Lachapel to a transvestite, according to one person.

Another comment could be observed where they defended the words about Angélica Vale.

“Angelica, you have to see what she is going to do. Francisca Lachapel, of all those who are going to participate, she is the only one who does not know how to sing !!! ”, said another user.

It should be noted that Francisca Lachapel, also known as «Mela LaMelaza» has been characterized for being one of the most talented and well-positioned presenters on the morning television program “Despierta América”, since, with her beauty and charisma, she has conquered the Latin public that follows her both on the program and on social networks.

Pro not everything is honey on flakes, since, just as she is loved she is also hated many times, where on more than one occasion she has been called «man» or «transvestite» in the photos that the morning program shares.

It should be noted that this charming presenter leads a kind of “double life” in social networks, since she has her personal account and that of her “funny” character, which has 231 thousand followers, of which many celebrities follow her as: the host Clarissa Molina, Lili Estefan, Alan Tacher, Alejandra Espinoza, Adamari López, Raúl de Molina, Romeo Santos, Litzy, among many more.

The Dominican, Francisca Lachapel is not only recognized for her professionalism when it comes to changing characters, but her physique changes radically every time this happens, such is the case shown in the profile of Mela La Meza, who with a single eyebrow very populated, a large black wart on her chin and chimney, completely changes from being a beautiful woman to an unattractive woman.

Something that personal Instagram does not happen, since the actress delights her audience with photographs where she looks radiant and always with a natural style, highlighting the simplicity and personality that define her, with a positive and encouraging message in each publication.

However, this has not defended her from the constant attacks that many Internet users on social networks make towards her person and her physique, calling her too produced and that she seems male.

And it is that the actress is constantly attacked and insulted in various ways, where despite looking beautiful in the Instagram posts of Despierta América, the attacks do not end.

They attack Francisca Lachapel

Source: Instagram. Wake up America

Filed Under: Francisca Lachapel transvestite

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