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Televisa actress Ingrid Martz confirms losing her apartment after Otis

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Ingrid Martz Apartment, Actress, Trouble, News, Storm
(FOTO: Mezcalent / AP), Ingrid Martz Apartment
  • Ingrid Martz confirms losing her apartment.
  • What happened to the Soap Opera actress?
  • After the passage of Hurricane Otis, there are still damages.

The aftermath of the devastating and unforeseen Hurricane Otis resulted in extensive damage to material possessions.

It also led to reports of at least 27 fatalities and four individuals who remain missing. Acapulco is now marred by distress, mud, debris, and profoundly tragic scenes.

In the wake of this natural disaster, properties belonging to prominent figures in the show business were not spared.

Televisa actress Ingrid Martz, for instance, shared the heartbreaking news that her long-cherished dream was shattered after her recent investment in an apartment was destroyed.

Ingrid Martz: «It had just been handed over to me»

Ingrid Martz, actress, Televisa, department, Mexican
Ingrid Martz loses apartment. PHOTO: Mezcalent

In a recording shared by Mexican journalist Shanik Berman, the soap opera actress confirmed her unfortunate circumstances.

The journalist began the conversation by saying, «I’m with Ingrid Martz, and I understand, Ingrid, that you had recently purchased an apartment which was handed over to you in Acapulco.»

The 44-year-old actress, in her turn, readily responded and offered details about what happened to her property.

«It had just been handed over to me, about three months ago. While I was filming the soap opera, I tried my best to gradually move things in,” Martz recounted.

She offered details of the misfortune

Hurricane, Otis, Acapulco, Guerrero, devastation
PHOTO: The Associated Press

«I went there the first weekend when I practically had nothing, and then two more weekends to finish setting up. I had just finished everything,» she continued.

Visibly composed, the actress went on to detail the misfortune that befell her recently acquired apartment.

«I invested everything I earned from the soap opera in that place, and the hurricane swept it away. It truly saddens me,» the actress expressed.

«We don’t even know where to start, there are so many affected people, and everyone is dealing with their own problems,» she added.

The actress shared her testimony

Soap operas, Televisa, performance, artist, social networks
Ingrid Martz loses apartment. PHOTO: Mezcalent

The actress further elaborated on her devastating experience with Hurricane Otis:

«When I think about my apartment, I say no… there are thousands of people affected, lives that were lost, and I feel deeply sorry,» she said.

«I’m still sad, it was all my savings,» concluded the renowned soap opera star known for roles in «Rubí,» «Amor Real,» and «Heridas de Amor.»

Ingrid Martz is one more name on the extensive list of those affected after the passage of the natural phenomenon along the coasts of Guerrero.

Users sent messages of support

Help, aid, supplies, death toll, natural disaster
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Upon confirmation of the news, social media users quickly offered their support and comments:

«What a shame, but thankfully you weren’t there and you’ll be able to rebuild everything with your health and work,» expressed one follower.

Another internet user noted: «Thank God you’re alive, material things can be replaced, my queen. You are young and healthy.»

«You are amazing, life has blessed you, Ingrid. You are a great artist and a great woman,» «Stay strong, God will provide, you are a wonderful human being,» some fans commented.

Remains optimistic despite complicated situation

series, television, cinema, soap operas, Mexico
Ingrid Martz loses apartment. PHOTO: Mezcalent

Authorities are tirelessly engaged in rescue and assistance efforts for those impacted by Hurricane Otis.

The recovery process is anticipated to be prolonged, given the extensive damage caused.

The solidarity of citizens and cooperation between public and private entities will be vital for rebuilding the devastated areas.

Ingrid Martz, despite facing challenging circumstances, maintains an optimistic outlook and expresses gratitude for her safety.

Recommendations in the face of natural disasters

Mexican beauty, artist, apartment, sadness, property, Ingrid Martz
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Her message of solidarity and her recommendations for citizens underscore the importance of preparedness.

Prompt action in the face of natural disasters and a collective effort to assist those in dire need during crises are vital.

Some key recommendations for similar risk scenarios include: Emergency Planning: It’s crucial for families to have a contingency plan in place for natural disasters.

Home Insurance: Securing home insurance that covers damages from natural events can be immensely beneficial in circumstances like the one Ingrid Martz experienced.  CLICK HERE to see the video.

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