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Celebrity influencers admit to starving their newborn to death

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Influencers starve their baby (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Influencers starve their baby to death.
  • They wanted the newborn to live on sunlight.
  • The dangers of extreme practices.

A Russian influencer is behind bars after his one-month-old baby died of «prolonged starvation» last year.

He and his wife wanted the baby to learn to live on sunshine.

Now more details of the tragic case have come to light.

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Russian influencers starve their baby

Influencers starve their baby, influencers, Maxim Lyutyi, Oxana Mironova, baby,
PHOTO: X Capture

The case that has shocked the public involves married influencers Maxim Lyutyi and Oxana Mironova.

They admitted to causing their newborn baby’s death by depriving him of food and only «feeding» him with sunlight.

The terrible incident took place in Sochi, Russia in 2023. Now more details have come to light after Maxim’s trial.

He finally confessed and has been sentenced for this terrible crime.

The couple practiced extreme eating practices

Influencers starve their baby, influencers, Maxim Lyutyi, Oxana Mironova, baby,
PHOTO: X Capture

The couple shared their practice of ‘prana eating’ on social media.

This extreme ideology maintains that the human body does not need food or water to survive, and that the sun’s rays provide the necessary nutrients.

This radical theory, which has been widely discredited by the medical community, strictly limits the intake of food and water.

More than a year after the case went viral, Maxim Lyutyi was sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty and admitting that he was forcing his baby to follow this diet.

The baby died at one-month old

influencers, Maxim Lyutyi, Oxana Mironova, Sochi, Russia
PHOTO Shutterstock

Maxim revealed that he forbade his wife from breastfeeding the baby or providing him with any type of solid or liquid food, which ultimately resulted in the child’s death at one month old.

Oxana Mironova, also a follower of these extreme practices, admitted her guilt and received a sentence of two years of community service, avoiding prison time.

She was able to receive a more lenient sentence by testifying against her husband and detailing the extreme practices she says he forced her to follow.

During the trial, it was revealed that the baby died weighting just under seven pounds, less than half of what he should at that age.

Maxim Lyutyi and Oxana Mironova are no longer on social media

influencers, Maxim Lyutyi, Oxana Mironova, Russia, MundoNOW
PHOTO Shutterstock

During the trial it was revealed that the newborn died as a result of pneumonia and wasting resulting from «prolonged starvation.»

Social media followers of the couple recalled how Maxim Lyutyi advised people to feed only on the energy of the sun, instead of consuming food and water.

Currently, both of their official social media accounts have been deactivated by authorities, according to El Heraldo de México.

This marks the end of a tragic story that has generated a debate about the responsibility of influencers and the danger of following extreme ideologies without a scientific basis.

Dangers of extreme practices

Sochi, Russia, Death, respirationism, MundoNOW
PHOTO Shutterstock

The tragic story of Maxim Lyutyi and Oxana Mironova leads us to reflect on the influence that social media and content creators have on our lives.

We must remember that it is important to carefully evaluate information, especially when it comes to advice related to health and well-being.

This extreme case reminds us of the importance of always seeking facts backed by science and consulting qualified health professionals.

Online influence comes with great responsibility, and it is crucial that those who have a social media platform use it ethically and responsibly.

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