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The terrifying video showing influencer Christian Nieto and his wife getting killed is leaked

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Christian Nieto influencer murdered (PHOTO: Screenshot of X)
  • Murder of Christian Nieto
  • Influencer’s Wife Also Loses Life
  • Armed Attack at a Circus Event

On the evening of Saturday, June 2, a horrifying event unfolded as armed individuals murdered Christian Nieto in Ecuador.

In addition to the influencer, his wife Nicole Burgos also lost her life. They leave behind two young children.

According to Uno.TV, the couple had organized a circus show for Children’s Day.

Social media videos display the brutal assassination that shocked this country’s society.

The Tragedy of Christian Nieto Could Have Been Even Worse

Christian Nieto influencer, Social networks, Instagram, X, MundoNOW
Christian Nieto influencer -PHOTO: Instagram Screenshot

Beyond the murders of influencer Christian Nieto and his wife, two others were injured in the attack.

One was a security guard at the venue and the other was journalist Josué Suárez, who was live-streaming the event.

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Witnesses reported seeing two masked individuals with firearms emerge from inside the venue, as reported by Uno.TV.

Christian Nieto is remembered for his aid to the homeless. Besides being an influencer, he was also a politician.

Under the description «Assemblyman and influencer Christian Nieto murdered in Manta,» a series of videos is visible on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

Initially, a large crowd can be seen wanting to enter the circus to enjoy the show.

No one could have anticipated what would happen minutes later.

Nieto mentioned that these shows, organized for Children’s Day, had been a complete success with full houses. These were his last words.

After some people entered the circus, gunshots were heard. Tragically, influencer Christian Nieto and his wife were killed.

Those who could began to run, unaware of what was happening. Gunshots echoed everywhere.

In another brief video, more people are seen taking cover from the gunfire.

Lastly, a child screams that Nicole, known as Pipo, had been killed, while someone else calls for an ambulance (SEE THE VIDEO HERE).

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