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Influencer Alfredo Flores, el Viejón Agrio, dies at 65 years of age

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Viejón Agrio influencer dies, Shutterstock/ Facebook.
  • The influencer ‘El Viejón Agrio’ dies.
  • The death was confirmed through Facebook.
  • His legacy will endure.

MOURNING ON SOCIAL MEDIA! The tragic death of Alfredo Flores Salazar, known as El Viejón Agrio, shocks the digital community.

What happened? Through social media, the loss of the influencer was announced and greater details were revealed about what happened to Flores.

His departure leaves a void in the virtual world and in the hearts of those who admired him, remembering him as a multifaceted man. May he rest in peace.

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Photo: Facebook

The world of social media and the Sonoran community dress in mourning at the news of the death of Alfredo Flores Salazar.

Who was affectionately known as “El Viejón Agrio,” who left this weekend at the age of 65, El Heraldo announced.

The news was revealed by his official Facebook page, where they shared the tragic news of their loss through the characteristic images they shared.

«Here I left my epitaph! See you there friends. Thank you very much!» , reads the post he shared. «El Viejón Agrio. May 18, 1958-April 14, 2024. ‘And here he continues to rest'» ,he concluded.

What happened to the influencer?

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Photo: Facebook

Likewise, it was announced that Flores remained in the hospital -before losing his life- due to the illness that afflicted him for a while.

The sad news was confirmed by Kino Limpio y Seguro an organization in which Flores Salazar was one of the main promoters through his activism.

«With great regret we join in mourning the death of our beloved Alfredo Flores, one of the main promoters of a Kino Limpio y Seguro,» they detailed.

«His hard work and dedication have left an indelible mark on our community,» the statement added.

«We extend our condolences»

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Photo: Facebook

Through its Facebook account, the community expressed its regret and highlighted the hard work and dedication of the influencer, whose legacy transcended digital borders.

«We extend our condolences to our beloved Janet and her family and friends at this time of deep sadness,» the organization stated.

«His legacy will endure in every step we take towards a cleaner and safer future for all. May El Viejón Agrio rest in peace,» it said.

Condolences and messages of support did not wait, flooding social media with expressions of affection towards the family, friends and close ones of Flores Salazar.

The family did not hesitate to thank

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Photo: Facebook

For her part, Janet Pavlovich, Flores’ wife, spoke about the expressions of affection she received from loved ones and people who closely followed her husband’s page.

«Thank you all very much for your messages of affection towards my father and my family,» Janet said in the letter she published on Facebook.

His legacy will live on in the memory of those who knew him and in the impact he left on the causes he defended, as his wife highlighted.

«I am trying to return them, but it has not been possible for me to return them all at some point. At the moment I can’t and just like that, my man left,» she concluded.

Who was ‘El Viejón Agrio’?

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Photo: Facebook

With an audience that was around 6 million followers On Facebook, Flores Salazar used his digital platform to share phrases loaded with sarcasm and humor.

Despite his popularity as an influencer, many were unaware that Flores Salazar was a lawyer by profession, graduated from the University of Sonora, reported Debate.

In addition to his role as a lawyer, Flores Salazar ventured into other fields, standing out as a real estate advisor and businessman. TO SEE FAREWELL, CLICK HERE.

The departure of Alfredo Flores Salazar leaves an indelible legacy in the memory of those who knew him, either personally or through social media.

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