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Impossible Foods recalls plant-based chicken nuggets due to possible contamination

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Emiten recall de queso: ¿Cuál es el producto afectado?
  • Impossible Foods recalls plant-based chicken nuggets.
  • They posted an explanation on their website.
  • The recall is due to pieces of wood found in some packages.

The recall was posted on Impossible Foods’ website on March 17. It applies to more than 250,000 packages of Impossible Chicken Nuggets and Wild Nuggies produced by one of the company’s co-manufacturers, OSI Industries LLC, between October 20 and November 23, 2022.

The company issued the recall after receiving reports from consumers that small pieces of wood were found in some of its 13.5-ounce retail packages of frozen Impossible Chicken Nuggets.

Wood in food?

Wood in food?
PHOTO: Shutterstock

“While this issue has affected less than 0.000005% of total packages of this particular product, this is simply unacceptable given that consumers and customers place their trust in us with every purchase of Impossible Foods they make,” Impossible Foods wrote in their blog.

A company spokesperson told Consumer Reports, «Retailers have confirmed that the recalled lots of chicken nuggets have now been fully removed from store shelves and all product available for purchase was manufactured after the recall dates.»

Customers are urged to throw away any affected items

Impossible Foods removes food: Ask to throw it away
PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to the company, although only one SKU of chicken nuggets presented problems, they made the decision to recall all products produced in that line between October 20 and November 23, 2022. Consumers who have purchased a product covered by the recall should immediately discard it and not consume it.

“OSI has eliminated the use of wood that was determined to be the source of this problem. In addition, we have a product distribution team that meets daily to restock our customers’ shelves as quickly as possible,» Impossible Foods stated.

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