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Inhumane! Immigrants are found in a completely sealed crate (VIDEO)

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Patrulla Fronteriza fraude inmigrantes
  • A sealed crate full of immigrants was found in Texas.
  • Police rescue people seeking the American dream.
  • «But that’s not the way.»

Every day, hundreds of undocumented people attempt to cross the US-Mexico border to reach US soil illegally. These people are hoping to live the famous «American Dream,» therefore they are willing to do anything to get there.

Since the election of President Joe Biden, many have been waiting for some kind of immigration reform that will make it possible for them to get their papers so that they don’t have to cross illegally. Recently, Texas governor Abbott sent buses full of undocumented immigrants to Washington DC to make a point.

21 immigrants are found sealed in a crate

They rescue 21 immigrants locked in a box

Photo: Twitter

A video is circulating on social media that illustrates the desperation of immigrants seeking the «American Dream» at any cost. The images show 21 people completely sealed inside a wooden box.

A few days ago a video showing several people who tried to cross the Rio Grande from Mexico to US soil went viral. The clip shows how the Mexican police tried to detain the undocumented people, but they resisted and jumped into the water.

All for the «American Dream»

They rescue 21 box immigrants: All for the "American dream"
Photo: Instagram

A video on Instagram has gone viral on social media. In it you can see the Texas authorities opening a gigantic wooden box that was completely sealed. There are several agents trying to remove the sides of the box.

When they managed to open the crate they found 21 immigrants. The images are outrageous, you can see some thirsty young people asking the authorities for water. Apparently they had been locked in by the infamous «coyotes» who brought them to the United States illegally. Filed under: Rescue 21 immigrants box.

The driver of the truck was arrested

They arrest the driver of the truck that was transporting her
Photo: Twitter

According to the media, the police saw a strange truck carrying the huge box and it was immediately stopped. Officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety opened the wooden box and were surprised to find many people inside with no ventilation.

So far, it is not known if they managed to catch the smugglers who put the lives of these undocumented people — who are only seeking a better life for themselves and their families — at risk. They rescued them immediately and the officers provided them with food and water. Filed under: They rescue 21 box immigrants. TO SEE THE VIDEO, CLICK HERE

«But that’s not the way»

"But that's not the way"
Photo: Instagram

Social media users were surprised to see the lengths smugglers will go to illegally bring people into the country without papers. «How can they accept being put in a closed box… May God be with my Mexican people who come to the United States to find a better life… But that’s not the way,» said an internet user.

«What has to be done to seek a better life since in our country we just get by; that’s why it makes me angry to see jokes made by the migrants.» «Unfortunately, the need in their places of origin forces them to get out of there, exposing their lives without knowing if they will arrive.» Filed under: Rescue 21 immigrants box.

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