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What happened to immigrant Ana Henao Knezevich? (PHOTOS)

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Colombian-born Ana Henao Knezevich mysteriously disappeared in Madrid, Spain, in an international case rife with questions.- Ana Henao Knezevich, nacida en Colombia, desapareció de manera misteriosa en Madrid, España, en un caso internacional lleno de interrogantes.
Ana Henao Knezevich - PHOTO: Spanish Ministry of the Interior.
  • Ana Henao Knezevich Disappears from Her Home in Madrid, Spain
  • The woman was a Colombian immigrant in Florida, USA
  • Her husband, David Knezevich, is the main suspect

Ana Henao Knezevich, originally from Colombia, mysteriously disappeared in Madrid, Spain, in an international case full of questions.

40-year-old Mrs. Ana Henao became a U.S. citizen and settled in South Florida where she married.

Now, her husband, 36-year-old David Knezevich, is the main suspect in her disappearance and presumed death.

The case of young Mrs. Ana Henao Knezevich is a true international legal entanglement involving authorities from Spain and the United States.

Ana Henao Knezevich at the Center of a Mysterious Case

Ana Henao Knezevich, victim, immigrant, Spain, death
Ana Henao Knezevich -PHOTO: Spanish Interior Ministry.

FBI agents in Miami, Florida, are investigating the complexities and links to a possible crime.

In December 2023, Ana Henao Knezevich separated from her husband for unknown reasons and moved to Madrid.

A security camera captured Ana Henao Knezevich at 2:20 PM on Friday, February 2, 2024, entering her home in the Salamanca neighborhood.

These video images are the last known of the Colombian immigrant. No one has seen her since then.

Who is the man with the motorcycle helmet?

Ana María Henao was very close to her family, and her loved ones reported her missing after several days.

At 9:30 PM that Friday, a man wearing a motorcycle helmet entered the building where Mrs. Henao lived.

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The man sprayed the building’s security cameras with spray paint. Authorities believe this man was the now-suspect David Knezevich.

As Ana Henao Knezevich was already a U.S. citizen, FBI agents in Spain joined the local authorities in the investigation.

The FBI Joins Spanish Authorities

FBI intervention was crucial as records from his phone showed David was in Madrid when Ana disappeared.

Thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS) on David Knezevich’s phone, authorities discovered a revealing detail.

In Europe, David Knezevich rented a Peugeot car, and a similar car was seen in the area where Ana Henao disappeared.

At 10:30 PM that Friday, the man with the motorcycle helmet was seen leaving the woman’s building carrying a large and heavy suitcase.

Friends of the Woman Receive Two Strange Messages

On Saturday, February 3, 2024, David Knezevich asked a Colombian acquaintance to translate some messages from English to Spanish.

That day, friends of Ana Henao Knezevich received the same messages from her phone, although they don’t believe she wrote them.

The messages from the cell phone told her friends that she was «on the street» with a man she had just met.

However, friends and family of Ana Henao insist this was unusual for her as she was known to be cautious.

Does David Knezevich Know More Than He Says?

David Knezevich was born in Serbia but is also a U.S. citizen and flew from Florida to his home country in January where he rented the Peugeot.

On May 4, 2024, David returned to Florida from Turkey and U.S. Marshals arrested him at Miami airport for the kidnapping of Ana Henao Knezevich.

The man claimed in court on Monday, June 10, 2024, that he had nothing to do with the mysterious case in the tragedy of the woman.

A federal jail still holds the man, and the Department of Justice is working overtime to prove he is guilty of one or more crimes.

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