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Julián Figueroa’s widow, Imelda Garza, sends a message to Maribel Guardia

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Julián Figueroa triste hijo: Sigue sin creer la muerte
  • Maribel celebrates her birthday without her son.
  • Julián’s widow, Imelda Garza, sends her a surprising message.
  • People offer support to the soap opera actress.

Costa Rican actress Maribel Guardia celebrated her 64th birthday on May 29. Days ago she had been remembering her late son Julián and now her daughter-in-law shares a surprising post.

Maribel remembered how she used to spend this date with her son, grandson, husband and daughter-in-law. Now she has to face being without their only child. She has shared how difficult her loss has been on social media.

Julián celebrated his mother!

Julián did not hesitate to celebrate her!
PHOTO: Instagram

«Almost a year ago celebrating my birthday. God, how can I not miss my boy? He would arrive the night before at 12 o’clock with a gift, roses, and he would sing to me with his guitar,» the actress wrote in the description of the video that she shared on Instagram.

«I am hanging by the hand of God to help me go through this tunnel of pain and tears and with the illusion of finding light at the end.» Days after Julián’s funeral, Maribel had commented that she was calm because, «God is the one that had given him to her and God had taken him away.»

Surrounded by family

In the company of all
PHOTO: Instagram

«I know that Julián lives in the heart of God and that one day we will meet. And I promise you that I will get ahead. But these dates break my heart.» The actress was still in mourning as she celebrated her first birthday without her son.

Imelda Garza Tunón, Julián’s widow, shared a photo with her mother-in-law and wished her a happy birthday. The two appear to be in a restaurant.

Imelda Garza calls Maribel Guardia «Aunt»

Imelda Garza Maribel Guardia: Aunt calls her
PHOTO: Instagram

«Happy birthday aunt. I love you very much. Thank you for always being there, we are going to have a blast,» Imelda wrote in the description of the photo she shared on Instagram. The two made it clear that they have always had a good relationship and Maribel has said that she would not leave her daughter-in-law alone.

«I love you Ime,» Maribel responded to her daughter-in-law along with a heart emoji. Many followers also commented on the post.

Does she disrespect Julián?

Imelda Garza Maribel Guardia: Do you disrespect Julián?
PHOTO: Instagram

«Why do you call your mother-in-law ‘aunt’?» «It’s HER MOTHER-IN-LAW» «Wow, this girl has a lot of angel but she definitely doesn’t know how to express herself.» «Aunt? She is your mother-in-law and grandmother of your son.»

Someone else commented: «To have a blast you should have more respect whether they are in mourning or not.» Some comments were positive: «Maribel lost a son, but God gave her a daughter in Ime.»

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