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Amazing! NASA reveals the first image of the universe taken by the James Webb Space Telescope (PHOTO)

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  • NASA revealed incredible images.
  • President Biden released the first photo.
  • The James Webb telescope captured the first images of the universe.

On Tuesday, President Biden, released the first image of the distant universe captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, which was launched a few months ago. NASA shared the infrared photograph which is the deepest and clearest image ever taken of the universe.

According to Agencia EFE, the image encompasses the cluster of galaxies SMACS 0723, which were noted for being among those in the foreground of the first picture from the Webb Telescope in a total of four.

The first image of the universe is released

nasa star

This image is one of the most important events of this year in astronomical matters according to US authorities. It was made with a series of photographs in different wavelengths, with a total of 12.5 hours of exposure.

According to Muy Interesante, the important thing about this photograph is that it manages to capture more depth and infrared wavelengths than the deep-field images by the Hubble Space Telescope. This fulfills a goal set by NASA when launching the James Webb Space Telescope.

NASA shows the deepest image of the universe


The photograph shows what the galaxies looked like 4.6 billion years ago and the mass combined with the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723 acts as a gravitational lens that causes the distant galaxies behind it to be magnified and captured by the NIRCam camera.

This lens was able to focus quite sharply on the tiny and faint structures that had not been captured before, in addition to the stars. The James Webb Space Telescope will continue to search for the early galaxies of the universe to learn more about them. NASA released the complete series of images in a broadcast on July 12.

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