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Mexican Consulate will help families of Idaho Falls crash victims

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Migrants dead in Idaho Falls accident, Government of Mexico, USA - Migrantes muertos Idaho Falls, accidente, Gobierno de México, EEUU, MundoNOW
Mexican Consulate will help Idaho Falls crash victims' familles (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • 6 Mexican migrants were among the Idaho Falls crash victims.
  • The Mexican Consulate in Boise will help their families.
  • All held H2A Visas

On Saturday, Idaho Falls witnessed a tragedy that resulted in the deaths of six Mexican migrants.

The fatal accident occurred in the early hours of May 18, when a vehicle collided with a van full of agricultural workers.

The van was en route to a work field when the crash happened, leaving nine people injured.

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6 Mexican migrants killed in Idaho Falls crash

Migrants dead in Idaho Falls accident, Government of Mexico, USA, MundoNOW
Photo: The Associated Press

According to the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) on Tuesday, seven of the injured remain hospitalized but are in stable condition.

Two have already been discharged, according to the same source.

The Mexican consulate in Boise has quickly mobilized to provide support to the victims and their families.

The SRE confirmed that all passengers were Mexican nationals and holders of H2A work visas.

The Mexican government releases a statement

— Joaquín López-Dóriga (@lopezdoriga) May 21, 2024

These workers were employed by Sigmet Farms Services, as reported by the consulate, according to infobae.

The Mexican government will prioritize the protection of Mexican workers abroad, especially those in vulnerable situations like holders of H2A visas in the United States.

«The legal and diplomatic tools will be analyzed to guarantee full respect and defense of their human and labor rights, seeking to reinforce the legal framework that regulates their living and working conditions,» the statement reads.

They added «that incidents of this nature are fully investigated, and that they are assign the corresponding responsibilities and penalties,

Tragedy in Idaho Falls

Migrants, Idaho, accident, USA, MundoNOW
Photo: The Associated Press

The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its deep sadness over the deaths of the six nationals and offered condolences to their families, ensuring necessary consular assistance and protection.

Furthermore, it announced the intention to strengthen consular assistance and protection actions to prevent future incidents.

Local authorities were immediately notified by the SRE to ensure a proper and swift response.

The Idaho State Police Office confirmed the nationality of the victims on Tuesday.

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