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ICE confirms a detainee and they find a tank truck where migrants were allegedly traveling

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  • The truck where about 80 migrants are suspected of traveling in Texas was found empty two hours away from San Antonio
  • ICE confirmed that it detained a person in connection with the possible human trafficking operation
  • The event triggered alarm after a 911 call on Monday night in which it alerted that the migrants were suffocating

They find a migrant tanker. The truck

where about 80 migrants are suspected of traveling in Texas, which triggered an alarm after a call to the 911 emergency number Monday night to alert that they were suffocating, was found empty two hours away from the city of San Antonio, reported Telemundo News, citing NBC News.

One person has been detained in connection with the possible human trafficking operation, a spokesman for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service confirmed in a statement (ICE).

The authorities have not yet reported the whereabouts or state of health of the people who were trapped and reported by phone that they could not breathe. It is unknown if there are victims and who is arrested.

They find migrant tanker truck

Courtesy YouTube Telemundo

«The investigation is still ongoing as agents are following the leads to advance the case and ensure the safety of the people,» ICE said in the statement. «We will continue to address the serious threat to public safety posed by human trafficking organizations and their reckless disregard for the health and safety of those trafficked.»

According to reports, a 911 operator received a phone call with the voice of a person who said he was in the tank of a white truck. In the audio, released by the authorities, a person is heard speaking in Spanish asking for help.

«Help! Holy be God, help! ”Says the individual. Along with him, other people cry out for assistance because they are running out of air.

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«It’s heartbreaking to hear because clearly behind the caller, in the background, you can hear other people in the vehicle, in the trailer, and they are also yelling for help in Spanish and saying they have run out of air,» said the Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar at CNN affiliate KABB station.

“I would bet big money that if the smugglers find someone in the back of that trailer who is very, very ill as a result of the conditions they were exposed to or even dead, they will not do the right thing. They are going to dump a body or maybe they are going to abandon it in a hospital, they are certainly not going to do the right thing, «he added.

According to reports, it was more than one call received by the 911 emergency service from inside the tank anchored to the vehicle that is heading to an unknown destination in the state of Texas. CNN said it was unclear how many 911 calls were made.

In the recording of the call, accessed by Univision Noticias, the man who contacted 911 says: “We don’t see anything. We are here inside a pipe (cistern) ”.

“We are about 80 people, an approximate”, the man is heard saying as the screams of despair increase. The individual indicates that at that moment the vehicle is stopped.

So far the authorities have not reported the results of the search operation.

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